Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Good Guys or Bad Guys?

If one drinks a steady stream of corporate-owned media (CNN, Fox News, Wall Street Journal, Rush Limbaugh, Washington Post, et al.), one will get a picture of the world that is a hair skewed.  Here are a few stories to help balance the picture a little, so to speak.

-America is the best ensample of a Christian nation the world has ever, or will ever, see.  It is the most outstanding Good Guy.  So goes the usual thinking there.

Then why are LGTB ‘rights’ trampling down all opposition there?  Why have its leaders like Sec of State Kerry sworn to fight for these ‘rights’ in other countries where they are not now recognized?

-Next to America, Israel is the other theod (nation) whose righteousness is supposedly beyond reproach.  But why do her officials continue to tear down Christian churches?

-The Russian leod (people) are frequently smeared as some sort of closet Communists who can’t wait to unleash cultural and political Revolution upon the world again, ‘to re-establish the old Soviet Union,’ as Rush Limbaugh likes to say.  They are seemingly among the outstanding Bad Guys of the world today.

Why, then, are they opposed to the unnatural sexual unions that America is fighting for?

Why are they striving so hard, in Church and government, against child-slaying in their country?

-The South likewise is spoken of as a place full of hatred, but the remnants of the Orthodox Faith that have survived here in her Old Time, evangelical Christianity have at least goaded her to undermine the culture of child-killing forced on her by Washington City as best she can in some of her States.

-So├żlice (Truly), it is time for real media diversity.

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