Friday, July 31, 2015

Hatred or Healing?

Given the intense nature of the debate surrounding same-sex marriage (and similar cultural issues), it seems good to call back to mind that when the Orthodox Church criticizes same-sex attractions, she does so not out of hatred for those people, but out of a desire that they be healed of a passion that will lead them away from the path of salvation.  Everyone has these corrupted passions:  reading too much, talking too much, eating too little or too much, a desire for more than one wife or more than one husband (polygamy/manywedhood), and on and on.  We all are in need of healing; let us all run to the Church where we may receive it.

Mr Nathan Duffy at the On Behalf of All web site has a post on this subject (much better than these few poor words).  Head on over and read it for some good insights.

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