Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Looking to the East for Inspiration

Þe South needs good, strong leadership right now to protect what remains of the inheritance of our forebears, but what we have instead are mere politicians who seek only to please those who helped them buy their way into office - AT&T, Bank of America, and so on:

How different in the little Republic of Georgia!  There, the ‘intelligentsia’ sent a letter of rebuke entitled ‘Respect Our Traditions!’ to the European Union for its trying to introduce antiChristian practices into Georgian life.  May the Lord grant us such good shepherds here in Dixie and drive away the thieves who have come only to steal, kill, and fordo (destroy).

‘Respect Our Traditions!’ opens thusly:

Batono Thomas!

We have read your report on human rights in Georgia and want to answer to the part in which you speak of our national and religious minorities, and, for some reason in the same context, you speak of the rights to propaganda of sexual depravity.

First of all­: our society has such great respect and tolerance towards representatives of our national and religious minorities, and so entirely considers them equal, that it would never even occur to us to equate them with sodomites and promoters of other forms of sexual depravity. This innovative ideological trick is totally unacceptable to us, regardless of how hard they try to push it in the West. We are sure that equating practices of sexual perversion with the representatives of religious and ethnic minorities of any country, including, in recent years, the United States and Western Europe, is an artificial, deliberately imposed ideology that has nothing to do with the age-old rules of life that are common to human society.  . . .

The rest may be read here:

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