Friday, August 21, 2015


We must remind ourselves as often as needsome that all the strange and evil things we see happening today - the spoiling of the creation with genetically engineered worts (plants) and animals, UFOs, wars, large upheavals and mixings of peoples and their cultures, etc. - are not taking place simply to enrich a handful of banksters or as an excuse to enlarge the powers of the police state (though these are certainly goals the Elite want to achieve through them).

Rather, they are all for one purpose in the end:  to usher in the Antichrist as the ruler of the world.  So let us always be on our guard and not become heedless through love of some politician or movie or technology.

Blessed Fr Seraphim Rose (+1982) gives a good short answer about Antichrist in this little recording, after which we ought to go on to deeper studies that we be not led astray by the Enemy.

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