Friday, August 28, 2015

Shamed Out of Our Speechways

Few would think of asking the Australian, the Scot, the Canadian, or any other English speaker in the world to give up his unique way of speaking the ġe-þeod (language).  The Southern tongue seems to be the exception to the rule:  It may safely be ridiculed as simple, rude, and unsophisticated.  Many Southrons have sadly tried to run away from this part of their heritage in order to please those whom they will never be able to:  Yankee Americans and others who wish to wipe out all cultural differences for the sake of establishing a uniform culture of greed and materialism the world over.

It is time we rejected that sort of thinking and lovingly embraced what is our own, cultivating it in order to bring out its full beauty.

This little reel posted by The Abbeville Institute is a good place to start, followed by the books mentioned at the web page below, together with all the wonderful literature and songs that Dixie has already created (ballads, poems, novels, short stories, histories, and so on).

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