Friday, March 4, 2016

Not Dead Yet (But Still Working at It)

It is a good sign þat (that) even in a shallow pop country song like Carrie Underwood’s ‘Heartbeat’ the South’s agrarian sensibility is still present:

And tonight I wanna drive so far
We'll only find static on the radio
And we can't see those city lights
And I love the way you look
In a firefly glow
Saying everything without making a sound,
A cricket choir in the background,
Underneath a harvest moon
Standing on your shoes in my bare feet,
Dancing to the rhythm of your heartbeat

It is a very small thing, but for these we must be unusually thankful nowadays.  For Dixie ain’t dead yet, but she will be soon if she continues to force herself into the mold of the American death-culture:

Let us build on these things as best we can.

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