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More Steps Taken toward the One World Religion of Antichrist

Jay Dyer gives some historical background on the march toward the Church of Antichrist:

. . . As the Middle Ages gave way to the era of modernity through the new science of Bacon, Galileo and Newton, a paradigm shift in the view of the world took place: no longer was the world governed by God through His Church and the earthly hierarchy of the monarchy. Instead, the world began to be viewed as a treasure house of latent natural forces to be harnessed by man.  Man would eventually achieve total understanding of the universe and ascend to godhood in this new view.  “Science” became the new mythos: the new, all-encompassing narrative which could explain man’s great ascent towards divinity.  In fact, Bacon and Newton were themselves practitioners of hermetic occultism.  These are odd interests for those men simultaneously seeking to demythologize the world of “religious superstition.”  The science myth was a facade, since they were, as Frances Yates’ classic book The Rosicrucian Enlightenment demonstrates, practitioners of magic.

The new “science” gave birth to the Enlightenment: a socio-cultural revolution that sought to remake the social order on the foundation of flux, progress and “reason,” as opposed to theology and metaphysics.  Also roughly concurrent with this phenomenon was the Protestant Reformation, which would challenge the established authority of a single Church; an authority that had been the dominant force in Eastern and Western Europe for over a thousand years.  The Reformers themselves sought to remove from religion what they perceived to be superstitions and to place religious authority in the hands of “every ploughboy,” as Luther said, who could then reconstruct it as he pleased.  Ultimately, the enlightened Reformation ended in pure rationalism, and out of Germany came the infamous schools of Higher Criticism that would deny the biblical texts and ultimately dismiss any supernatural element in theology, whatsoever.  A new world was emerging from the ashes of the old.

 . . .

In my analysis, this gnosticism is the key to understanding the recent explosion of pedophilia in modern, post-Vatican II Catholicism. Journalist William Kennedy’s book Lucifer’s Lodge documents the evidence that Luciferians have infiltrated the highest levels of the Catholic establishment, even to the Vatican, seeking to use the Catholic Church as the vehicle for a one world religion of New Age Luciferianism.

Well-known scholar and ex-Jesuit theologian Malachi Martin, a Vatican insider and personal friend of John XXIII and Paul VI, has written numerous books on the status of the Church since Vatican II.  It must be noted first of all that there is undeniable and abundant evidence that Martin was himself a Luciferian.  In his book The Keys of this Blood on the papacy of John Paul II, Martin mentions the Satanic Black Mass that was celebrated in the Vatican following upon the coronation of Paul VI as pope (page 632).  The reason this is important is that he personally knew these popes.  The reason for this is that Luciferians operate on a principle Crowley termed the “revelation of the method.”  Because most occultists are gnostic dualists, they believe good and bad are flip sides of the same coin: they are both ultimate and necessary.  Thus, there is no reason why one cannot play both sides, so to speak. One may play a conservative, moral individual during the day, while at night participating in the black rites of Luciferianism.

 In this very important 700 plus page book, Martin discusses the goal of Vatican occultists to control the emerging world order.  It is beyond question, he admits, that the apostate Catholic Church, the “anti-church” as he calls it, is the primary vehicle of the United Nations and the Anglo-globalists to bring all religions into a one world religion where Orthodox religion is replaced with pagan and occultic traditions for mass control.  This is why the modern Catholic church must be resisted at all costs: if not, it will initiate the world into Luciferianism.  Only traditional Orthodoxy is the rallying force strong enough to repel the New World Order.

 . . .

Source:  ‘What Is the New World Order and Why Does It Matter’,, accessed 1 July 2016

Lately there have been some efforts to effect the absorption of some Protestants into the Roman Catholic fold:

Famous Italian journalist and religious expert Sandro Magister affirms the Pope Francis is making a path towards full Eucharistic dialogue between Protestants and Catholics. It is reported by Sedmitsa.RU.

The journalist refers to an influential Jesuit journal “La Civilta Cattolica”, where the issue is discussed on the Pope’s advice to the Lutheran woman regarding the Communion.    

The Pontiff does not offer a direct change of the Catholic doctrine, according to the article in “La Civilta Cattolica”, but makes a “little step forward”, compelling people to act in accordance with their own conscience. The interpretation of the Pope’s words, demonstrated by “La Civilta Cattolica” is particularly important in Magister’s opinion because all articles in this Jesuit journal get a prior approval of the Hole See. 

In fact, as Magister points, the Pope personally “previews and edits in the articles what he finds most interesting before they get published. 

Source:  ‘Expert: The Pope Strives for Eucharistic Dialogue between Protestants and Catholics’,, accessed 6 July 2016

As well as some of the Orthodox themselves:

 . . .

Initial Sorrowful Observations Regarding the Holy and Great Synod by Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus

 . . .

(1) We observe with sorrow the presence and joint prayer of heretical Papists, Protestants, and Monophysites at Matins and the Divine Liturgy of this great Feast of the Lord in the Church of St. Menas in Heraklion. As everyone is aware, this is prohibited by the Sacred Canons. The Orthodox Primates and other participating Orthodox Hierarchs trampled on the Canons of the Apostles and the Synods, wishing from the outset to send a message to the whole world, showing what great respect they have for the decisions of the Oecumenical Synods and, by extension, for the very institution of the Synod, about which they make bombastic declarations.

(2) The presence, at the commencement of the proceedings, of officially invited delegations of heretical Papists, Protestants, and Monophysites was an unprecedented innovation and one foreign to our Synodal Tradition. In fact, Oecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew addressed these delegates as “representatives of Sister Churches” before the Holy and Great Synod made any decision regarding the ecclesiality or non-ecclesiality of the heretical communities in question. Thus, Patriarch Bartholomew, through a fait accompli, sent another message to the members of the Synod: that he had no intention of calling the heterodox heretics. Instead, he called them Sister Churches. Never in the history of the Oecumenical or local Synods during the Byzantine period were “observers” present at such Synods, and as dignitaries, to boot, whose heretical doctrines were condemned by previous Oecumenical Synods. Heretics were, of course, invited, but as persons subject to trial, in order to defend themselves, and not as guests of honor. It was only at the First and Second Vatican Councils that the phenomenon of “observers” made its appearance. The Holy and Great Synod is evidently copying Roman Catholic models.

 . . .

Be on your guard, Southron.

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