Tuesday, July 19, 2016


It is not for nothing that the global elite have their Davos and Bilderberg meetings.  After the people of the United Kingdom dealt their plans for one world government a great blow with ‘Brexit’, and just as other peoples from Texas and Vermont to Portugal, France, and Denmark were beginning to speak more boldly of following their ensample of peaceful secession from overbearing and over-centralized ‘unions’, out come the minions of the banksters et al.:  Islamic State terrorists and race war agitators.

On the Nice attack:

 . . .

The geopolitical context
The attacks in France are associated with changes in the geopolitical balance in Europe after the referendum on the withdrawal of Great Britain from the European Union. The United States uses its Islamist proxies against continental Europe, when European chances to gain geopolitical independence increased significantly after the British people voted for Brexit. This was demonstrated by the NATO summit in Warsaw, in which France took the most moderate position towards Russia.

Islamism - an instrument of Atlanticism
The CIA and British intelligence nurtured Islamism to counter the "Soviet threat". It was then, during the Cold War, and especially since the Soviet troops were brought into Afghanistan, when the ideological, resources, and institutional framework for global Islamic terrorist networks was established. In Syria, the Americans also prefer to rely on Islamists. The ISIS terrorists accidentally got new American and Israeli weapons. Despite the propaganda, ISIS has not committed any act of terrorism against the US and Israel, and does not threaten the security of these countries. At the same time ISIS directly threatens Russia, Iran and China, the main US geopolitical adversaries in Eurasia.

The purpose of the terrorist attack
The attack in France aims to demonstrate that the country cannot alone ensure its own security. The purpose of the attacks is to sow fear in the community, disorient it, and demonstrate the political elites of the consequences of attempts to conduct an independent policy. In addition, the US will strengthen US control over Europe by appealing to the need for closer cooperation with the US in the field of security. After other terrorist attacks (Paris, Brussels, perhaps - the downing of the "Paris-Cairo" aircraft) is another demonstration by Atlanticists of the fact that Europe is too weak and cannot be an independent geopolitical pole.

On the race war:

As the recent events (and subsequent incoherent media narratives) in Dallas continue to unravel, familiar patterns have already emerged that once again paint a now familiar picture of large-scale planning. We are now expected to believe this highly coordinated, professional “sniper” operation, whose numbers and details have now significantly changed, were conducted by the likes of a former vet and unknown accomplices for the purposes of targeting “white people,” and in particular, police.

Immediately given the symbolic title “Michael X” to affiliate the suspect with Malcolm X, the entire scenario, from the revised proclamation of cell terrorist to “lone wolf,” now smells of sub-par Hollywood script-writing (especially the ludicrous climax of “hidden IEDs” and a bomb-carrying Robocop executioner as the only rational means of halting the crazed assassin. As we will see, the event also echoes prior known false flags and staged scenarios, as well as fitting a general pattern of Soros-style color revolutions and agitation propaganda, on top of the fact that the evolving official story is preposterous.

While it may appear contradictory at first glance, the notion that such an event could fit the “progressive” mold of a color revolution is not far-fetched. Consortium news details numerous Soros-funded groups that have called for soft-power coups and regime changes through numerous fronts that include “social justice” causes, as well as right-wing groups like Right Sektor in the Ukraine. 

 . . .

As with 9/11 in the States, 7/7 in England, and other staged attacks, we are supposed to rally round the flag and support the corrupt, corporate-controlled government (which is funding and directing much of this chaos) like mindless, ‘Trooly Lo’il’ (Rev. R. L. Dabney, ‘Women’s Rights Women’) patriots. 

Through the prayers of the Mother of God and all our holy forefathers and foremothers, let us in the South and all other countries see clearly enough to do the opposite:  to not get sucked into their phony dialectical wars (Islam vs. the West, white vs. black, etc.) but rather turn away from these troublemakers, and work on nurturing Christian cultures in our respective villages, towns, counties and parishes, and States/countries.

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