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Part I: Tales of Dialectical Tension, and Other Plans of the NWO

Tales of Symphonia, a rather lengthy role-playing game for the GameCube released in 2003, is brimming with symbols, so let’s jump right in.

A central focus in the game are the Exspheres, which are crystals that augment the abilities of those who attach them to their bodies (this in itself is similar to the transhumanist ‘technological singularity’ that many in the tech industry and elsewhere in Elite circles want to bring about: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Technological_singularity). 

Its attachment to the back of the hand also brings to mind the mark of the Antichrist.

Picture from http://aselia.wikia.com/wiki/Exsphere, 23 Oct. 2017

St. Ephraim the Syrian (fourth century) in his sermon, “On the coming of the Lord, the end of the world, and the coming of the Antichrist”, wrote this about the mark of the beast:

Beloved, we need a lot of prayer and tears in order that some of us prove strong through the trials; because the beast will work many illusions. He himself is an enemy of God and wants to destroy everyone. The torturer will use such means so that all will have to have the mark of the beast on themselves, in due time, that is at the fulfillment of time, when the Antichrist comes and deceives all with signs. And only in the case [that they have the mark] will they be able to purchase food and other necessities; and he will set up supervisors to enforce his orders. My brethren, notice the wiliness of the beast which is above all measure, and the contriving of his wickedness—how he will start with the stomach, so that man, when brought to an extreme of food deprivation, will be compelled to accept the mark, or rather the wickedly profane symbol, not just on any part of the body but on the right hand and also on the forehead, so that he will be unable afterwards to make the sign of the cross with the right hand or to sign the holy name of the Lord or the glorious and honorable cross of Christ our Savior on the forehead… Therefore my brethren, a terrible trial is ahead for all the Christ-loving people—that they not fear or fall into negligence until the hour of death during the time when the serpent will be marking [people] with his sign instead of the sign of the cross of the Savior… And if someone will not be marked with the mark of the beast, that person will not be taken captive with his fantastic signs. And likewise the Lord will not abandon such, but will enlighten them…

Source:  Fr Andrew J. Anderson, http://orthochristian.com/106805.html, opened 23 Oct. 2017

These little bits of conditioning will make it easier for people to accept the mark of the beast when the time comes.

Two things are revealed about the Exspheres themselves that are significant:

They are parasites that feed off the host body to which they are attached, and they are made from human bodies.

These are likely references to two things that are happening now, Morgellon’s disease and covert cannabilism, both attempts at transbiology/population control.

Of the first:

 . . .

From the Jeff Rense website (www.rense.com): Morgellon's Disease, April 2007   "A communicable nanotechnology invasion of human tissues in the form of self-assembling, self-replicating nanotubes, nanowires, nanoarrays with sensors, and other nano configurations, some carrying genetically altered and spliced DNA/RNA.  These nano machines thrive in alkaline pH conditions and use the body's bio-electric energy and other (unidentified) elements for power.  There is some evidence that these tiny machines possess their own internal batteries.  They are also believed to be able to receive specific tuned microwave, EMF and ELF signals and information.  To what end is not known.
The symptoms vary from skin lesions from which colored or plain fibers emerge, which do not scab normally, heal extremely slowly and never become bacterially infected -- to brain fog, fatigue and depression, etc.  It is also established that Morgellons nano machines are commonly found in all body fluids, orifices and often even hair follicles, and are believed to routinely achieve total body systemic penetration.  It is reported by nearly all afflicted that Morgellons nano machines seem to have some kind of hive or group intelligence.  Communicability appears to be possible/probable through shedding of the fibers by the infected, and through all normal bacterial or viral vectors.

Some fibers have been shown to withstand temperatures in excess of 1400 dF; routine sterilization for Morgellons nano machines in all re-usable medical/dental equipment and instruments is moot.  There is also strong evidence linking chemtrail aerosol fibers to Morgellons fibers, although proof of transmission through aerial spraying remains anecdotal."

 . . .

Source:  http://aboutthesky.com/morgellon-s-syndrome, opened 20 Oct. 2017

Of the second:

In Soylent Green, the great secret is that people are fed people.  In a dystopian New York ridden with crime, poverty and disease, the elites have cordoned off their condos and feed the populace ground up people, full of protein.  However, eating people is known to cause mania and other mental disorders.  I suspect that this already happens, and there is some evidence to suggest the masses are already being fed people, particularly from the Orient.  There have been cases of reported “dead baby pills,”  Pepsi using fetal tissue, and companies using Asian hair for pizza dough.  These are merely the known cases, but when coupled with organ harvesting and genetic engineering, who knows what is being done covertly.

Behind the Exspheres is the secret Cruxis organization, made up of half-elves intent on world-wide domination.  The parallels to modern equivalents like the Free Masons or the Bilderburg Group are too obvious to need any commentary.  And like these modern groups, Cruxis has created a phony opposition of good and bad groups:  the Church of Martel (good) and the Desians (bad). 

In the world we see much the same thing, globalist entities funding opposite sides of the same conflict:  phony left vs right political parties, as well as fake religious opponents, funding both Islamic State radicals and Evangelical groups:

On Islamic State funding:

On Protestant funding:

One religious organization that has received money from USAID and has been outed as a front for the CIA is the Summer Institute of Linguistics (now SIL International) which was set up to translate the bible into various languages and distribute them around the world. Together with its sister organization, the Wycliffe Bible Translators, and its subsidiary, the Jungle Aviation and Radio Services (JAARS) which operates several aircraft and radio stations, SIL became a very powerful and destructive force in the world.

 In the 1950s and 1960s, the US establishment keenly pushed their religion and Western values as the standard for the entire world. Feminism and sex were used as weapons against countries where the bond of family was strong and stood as a line of defense against the actions of those who wanted to create instability in society.

In the 1970s, several Latin American countries including Colombia, Mexico, Panama and Peru held SIL responsible for advancing the interests of the American intelligence agencies (see Wikileaks cables 1975BOGOTA06132_b, 1975MEXICO05045_b, 1975LIMA08739_b and 1976LIMA01274_b) and Brazil expelled SIL’s missionaries from the country for acting as cover for geologists searching for mineral deposits in the Amazon basin. SIL’s clout in the American establishment was such that they were able to bypass the diplomats and directly seek helicopters from the military to carry out their mission in Papua New Guinea (see Wikileaks cable 1973CANBER02655_b).

SIL has been accused of drug trafficking, smuggling emeralds and uranium, and even waging germ warfare that destroyed many native tribes. In their book THY WILL BE DONE, The Conquest of the Amazon: Nelson Rockefeller and Evangelism in the Age of Oil, the authors Gerard Colby and Charlotte Dennett document the extensive connections of Wycliffe Bible Translators with Nelson and John D. Rockefeller and their takeover of the resources in the Amazon basin countries.

Source:  Arvind Kumar, http://indiafacts.org/religious-crusades-cia/, opened 31 Aug. 2017

The game’s script writers also let us in on why the Elite are so intent on funding fraudulent bad guys.  In ToS, the Cruxis organization sends the Desians out not to kill Collette but only to frighten her into thinking they wanted to kill her.  The stress placed on her during these encounters sped up her transformation via her Exsphere into a mindless automaton capable of being possessed by the goddess Martel. 

This gets us to the goal of Cruxis overall:

Yggdrasill then revealed his true goal; a dawn of the Age of Half-Elves and
the transformation of all life into Lifeless Beings. If all life became Lifeless
Beings, then the world would be free of discrimination. This was the world
that he was striving for.

Likewise, the globalist Elite, through the fear evoked by the terror events they sponsor and through other tech, bio, chem, electro-magnetic, and radiological factors they are spreading in the population, seek to reduce the undesirables to ‘Lifeless Beings’, who are too afraid or too damaged to stand against whatever the Elite have in mind to force on them.

The mention of Yggdrasill leads us into the strong link with Norse mythology in ToS.  Many names and races come from it in the game:  Elves, dwarves, Yggdrasill, Ymir, etc.  A couple of connections with the Nordic tradition in particular stand out.

First is the way the founders of the Cruxis organization try to pass themselves off as divine beings (the Four Seraphim) to the peoples of Sylvarant and Tethe’alla.  This is not unlike the way the Nordic people themselves are described:

This fragment from the Bundahishn, the sacred book of the Zoroastrians, can be interpreted in different ways, as can many of Tradition’s other indications that in the Far North in forgotten times there existed an amazing country of paradise, Hyperborea (Thulle, Sarahi) where the joyful ancestors of the golden-haired, blue-eyed Aryans lived, the divine race of kings and heroes.

The globalist Elite today likewise try to connect themselves to divinity.  We have quoted this text from Jay Dyer before, but it is worth repeating:

Not being privy to pre-modern thinking, most of us don’t really understand the importance of bloodlines in the ancient world.  The ancient world was essentially a caste system, and many societies today, such as India still operate in this fashion.  Unless one is of a royal lineage of bloodline, one must accept a certain position within the strata of society.  Modernity is supposed to be egalitarian, but the class distinctions have merely been reorganized from lines of royalty to lines of wealth.  The Bible itself is concerned with bloodlines, since Jesus Christ is the promised seed, descended from Adam through Noah through Abraham through King David and his Mother from whom the Church professed He derived his humanity.  For the ancient world, bloodlines were thus everything. This is important, because the occult philosophy of the modern so-called rationalists still adhere to this ancient principle.  For the NWO occultists, there is “power in the blood,” as much as for the Christian, by which they mean magic power.  Thus, the top dynasty-families that run the world, like the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Morgans, Warburgs, etc., like the ancient royalties, all believe they must inter-marry in order to maintain bloodline purity.  Dan Brown’s silly DaVinci Code is a perfect example: while the book is certainly false, it evidences the occult world’s obsession with maintaining magical purity inherent in the family bloodlines.  In fact, some of these occultists believe themselves to be descendants of gods: an example of this is the Satanic philosophy of Nazism, by which Heinrich Himmler, through his SS, sought to breed a pure Aryan bloodline: a bloodline which had the power of the gods of Atlantis running through it, as Peter Levenda’s book Unholy Alliance: A History of Nazi Involvement with the Occult shows.

Cruxis members portray themselves as higher beings to whom all must be subservient.  So it is with their Elite prototypes here in the real world.

The other Nordic theme that stands out is that of the goddess at the head of all.  Collette in ToS is being transformed into a vessel for the goddess Martel to inhabit.  Again from Prof Dugin:

Following Bachofen, Herman Wirth claimed that the Primordial Tradition was none other than matriarchal. It was the realm of the White Lady, the Pure Virgin. The primordial Nordic Pantheon was headed by a Goddess – not female in our patriarchal understanding of a capricious, stupid, cruel, and demanding being – but as the special, Most Pure Creation, a kind of Androgyne standing beyond dualism, its spiritual intuition penetrating the essence of things.

But the exaltation of the feminine is a form of subversion of the natural, God-created order:

When we consider archetypes and spirit, we can get a large scale picture of the attempted overturning of patriarchy, order and masculine logos. Logos is the Greek term for logic and reason, and in ancient and Christian theology, Logos refers to the Son of the God, the eternally generated wisdom of the God the Father.  The rise of the feminine, the goddess, Gaia, witchcraft, etc., represents a rebellion against the starting point of order, God Himself.  Though God does not have a gender per se, it is appropriate to associate masculine attributes with God specifically, being revealed in Scripture.  In the Fall, Adam deliberately transgressed, while Eve was deceived.  The rise of materialism thus corresponds to the rise of matter-ism, as is evident from the term itself.  Matter comes from the Latin mater, meaning mother.  Pater is the Latin for Father, and is the basis for the idea of pattern.  From these two archetypal ideas we can glean the association of masculinity with order, reason, logic and form, while the feminine is associated with the cyclical forces of nature, change, temporality and matter.

(Baphomet, as an image of Satan, contains both genders. Baphomet is androgynous and seeks to destroy distinctions by blending them into oblivion.)

Matter is divided and in a state of constant flux, yet mysteriously continues to interact with the unchanging mathematical ideals and universals.  Pattern, order and form are integral to beauty, and will always impress and inform matter.  In the same way, the chaotic destruction of matter will always submit in the end to the power of order.  The entire west and modernity in general has experienced a fracturing of the psyche and the forces of chaos and disintegration have taken the ascendant.  Ancient societies, as Schneider notes in the interview below, were holistic and integrated. In nature, the part mirrors the whole.  When societies model nature, harmony and progress truly take place.  When human psyches and social orders give way to fracturing, they collapse, lacking the masculine order of form, instead being ruled by chaotic, uncontrolled forces of base nature.  Powerful entities are aware of these ideas and have attempted to re-engineer the entire social order around a philosophy of materialistic techno utopia.  Until we cease the mass drugging and shamanic trance the public have been placed under, and come to reject the complete inversion of all order and hierarchy through true philosophy and wisdom will we see things truly progress and experience freedom.  Otherwise, equalitarianism and feminism are inverted philosophies that fragment and depersonalize.

As we said, the Nordic goddess image is quite strong in ToS with Collette:

But it is worth noting here that in 2011’s Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, there is another appearance of this image in the character of Zelda, who must become a vessel for the goddess Hylia:

The feminist inversion programming is not difficult to see.

We will continue with the geopolitical aspects of ToS in the next post.


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!

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