Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Old Israel’s Big Week

Pres Trump withdrawing from the Iran Nuclear Deal, the opening of the [u]nited States embassy in Jerusalem, and the celebration of the modern state of Israel’s 70th birthday:  These are momentous events for ethnic Israel and her Dispensationalist-Evangelical supporters.  This makes the present time a good one to repeat what we have said before:  Zionism is a false teaching.  Those who think ‘America’ will be blessed for blessing the state of Israel are very much mistaken.  Vladimir Moss has some helpful words about this:

The State of Israel does not appear to fit into any usual categorization of
statehood. It is neither autocratic, nor despotic nor democratic in the ordinary
senses of these words. It is both secular and religious at the same time, both
globally inclusive of all “Jews” throughout the world yet perversely exclusive of
those who have the greatest right to live on its territory. It is nationalist, and yet
its nationalism is not defined by territory or blood (much as many Jews would
like to define it thus), but by religion. The only remotely similar states,
paradoxically, are its fiercest enemies, Wahhabist Saudi Arabia and Shiite Iran.
And yet neither the Arab nor the Iranian states have any Law of Return, any
truly comparable myth of exile and return and redemption…

For fuller understanding, therefore, it will be worth examining what this
single apparent exception to the main development of human history can mean,
from the only point of view that would seem capable of comprehending it - the
religious-eschatological. A clue to our search may be found in the Abrahamic
Covenant, in the relationship revealed at the very beginning of Jewish history
between God and the sons of Abraham, Isaac and Ishmael. Isaac was the
ancestor of the spiritual Israel, the Church of Christ, and Ishmael the ancestor of
the carnal Israel, the people that fights God. Although the spiritual Israel is
blessed, while the carnal Israel is accursed, still an important promise is given to
the carnal Israel: that it will live in accordance with Abraham’s petition: “Let this
Ishmael live before Thee” (Genesis 17.18). This life cannot be spiritual, because
that is promised only to the spiritual Israel. So it must be carnal – physical
survival and worldly power. At the same time, St. Ambrose admits, Abraham’s
powerful petition could win spiritual life for some of the Jews – but only, of
course, if they cease to belong to the carnal Israel and join the spiritual Israel
through faith in Christ. For “it is the attribute of the righteous man [Abraham]
to intercede even for sinners; therefore, let the Jews believe this too, because
Abraham stands surety even for them, provided they will believe…”164

The promise of physical life has certainly been fulfilled in the extraordinary
tenacity of the Jews, their survival in the face of huge obstacles to the present
day, and - since their gradual emancipation from the ghetto in the nineteenth
century, - their domination of world politics and business in the twentieth and
twenty-first centuries. Moreover, since the carnal Israel is promised physical life
and power, it is no wonder that since the Balfour Declaration of 1917, and
especially since the foundation of the State of Israel in 1948, it has regained
power over the land of Israel, driving out most of the Christians in the process,
and may well recapture all the land from the Nile to the Euphrates, as was
promised in the Abrahamic Covenant. But it is important to understand that
such a re-conquest, if it takes place, will not be by virtue of the Jews being the
chosen people, as they and their Evangelical allies believe, but by virtue of the
exact opposite: of their being the accursed people – Ishmael rather than Isaac.
 165 For of the two covenant peoples the people that is carnal is given physical
gifts that are appropriate to its carnal desires.

For the truth may be, as an anonymous Russian writer has suggested, “that
the very preservation up until now of the Jewish people is a result not of their
being ‘chosen’, but as a result of their apostasy”. For, having renounced their
birth-right, the Kingdom of God, they have received a “mess of pottage” instead
– the promise of physical survival and worldly power. “If the Jews, having
repented of the crime committed on Golgotha, would have become Christian,
then they would have made up the foundation of a new spiritual nation, the
nation of Christians. Would they have begun to strive in this case to preserve
their nationality and government? Would they not have dispersed among other
nations as the missionaries of Christianity just as the Apostles? Would they not
have been strangers in a foreign land, not having a fatherland, like unto
Abraham, but in this case with a higher spiritual meaning? All this happened
with the Jews, that is, they became wanderers, not in a positive spiritual sense,
but due to a curse, that is, not of their own will, but due to the will of chastising
Providence since they did not fulfil that which God intended for them. Would
they not have been exterminated en masse during persecutions as the main
preachers of Christianity? Would they not have been assimilated among other
peoples, so that the very name ‘Jew’, ‘Hebrew’, as a national name, would have
disappeared and would have only remained in the remembrance of grateful
nations as the glorious name of their enlighteners? Yes, and the very Promised
Land and Jerusalem were given to the Hebrews not as a worldly fatherland, for
which they are now striving, but as a prefiguration of the Heavenly Kingdom
and the Heavenly Jerusalem, as a token of which Abraham and through him all
the Hebrew nation coming out of Haran, renounced their earthly fatherland. For
this reason the very significance of Jerusalem and the idea as a prefigurement
would have passed away for the Jews, as soon as the Kingdom of God and the
Heavenly Jerusalem would have become obtainable for them and would have
become for them, as they are now for us, Christian holy places.” 166

Tragically, however, it was not to be: the Jews remain unconverted to this
day.  . . .

165 So great have been the worldly successes of the Jews that many Evangelical Protestants have been tempted to ascribe them, not to God’s promise to Ishmael, but to his promise to Isaac. Reversing the interpretation of the Apostle Paul, they have made of the carnal Israel “the chosen people”, “the blessed seed” - and this in spite of the fact that this “chosen people” has been the foremost enemy of those who believe in Christ for the last two thousand years! By elevating the carnal Israel into the spiritual Israel, the Protestants fill up a major spiritual and emotional gap in their world-view; for, having rejected both the concept of the Church, and the reality of it in Orthodoxy, they have to find a substitute for it somewhere else. And so we have the paradoxical sight of the State of Israel, one of the main persecutors of Christianity in the contemporary world, which forbids conversions of Jews to Christianity and has driven out the majority of the Orthodox Christian population, being ardently supported by the Evangelical Protestants of the Anglo-Saxon countries. There have even been several attempts by Evangelicals to blow up the mosque of the Dome of the Rock, in order to make it possible for the Jews to build their Temple again – the Temple of the Antichrist!

Source:  Vladimir Moss, http://orthodoxchristianbooks.com/books/downloads.php?book_id=736, pgs. 104-6, downloaded 11 May 2018

Thankfully, some Protestants and Roman Catholics are speaking against Zionism as well:

Also worth noting on these events are some words from Paul Craig Roberts:

 . . .

So where is the pressure on Trump coming from to destroy the carefully negotiated agreement in which Iran agreed to forgo development of nuclear weapons?

It comes from Israel and Israel’s American Fifth Column—the neoconservatives.

Israel is the reason for Washington’s hostility toward Syria and Iran. Israel has twice tried to occupy southern Lebanon, which Israel covets for its water resources, and twice Israel was driven out by the Hezbollah militia.

Hezbollah is supplied by Syria and Iran. If Israel succeeds in using the US military to destabilize Syria and Iran, Hezbollah would be cut off from supplies, and Israel could succeed in its invasion of southern Lebanon.

That is what it all the lies told about Iran are about. By creating a bogeyman out of Iran, Israel can build up the American public’s support for US military action against Iran.

The Saker says that “Americans should ask themselves—Do I want to die for Israel?” https://russia-insider.com/en/americans-should-ask-themselves-do-i-want-die-israel/ri23382

Do you?

And from Fr Andrew Phillips:

 . . .

The problem is that Iran is a large and powerful country, which may have nuclear weapons; in any case its two protectors, both Great Powers, Russia and China, do have nuclear weapons. China will not allow the USA access to Iran for strategic reasons. Russia will not allow the Zionists to rebuild the Temple for religious reasons. This time the world is on a knife-edge, brought to the brink of Armageddon by the US neocons.

Israel was proclaimed an independent State on 14 May 1948: exactly seventy years later the crazed elite of the USA has recognized its capital as Jerusalem . . . .

Why has the US elite done this, knowing that Israel has illegally occupied Jerusalem, setting the Muslim world against itself? It can only be because once Israel controls Jerusalem with the support of the world’s only Superpower, it can then at last start building the third Temple so that Antichrist can be enthroned there. His horns are already visible in globalism, both political and electronic, which is only the preparation for his global rule, and in the acceptance of dehumanizing perversions which destroy family life and so increase dependency on Antichrist.

There are those who say that all this is inevitable because the last remaining faithful Christians are few in number. So what? The pagan Roman Empire was brought down by twelve men. The remains of the Christian Empire, Holy Rus, are rising up despite the vicious Soviet culture which tried to suffocate it. It exists in order to counter the rising culture of Antichrist, to be a place of refuge for those who flee the world outside it, all those who still believe in the real Christ.

The responsibility of Holy Rus for the future of mankind is enormous. First the Russian Lands must themselves be fully transfigured, throwing off the old materialistic Soviet culture. Only then can its influence spread elsewhere. Only then can the coming Christian Tsar be chosen. His coming was already prepared by the self-sacrifice of the last Tsar and His Family, Who have been glorified. Only the presence of a new Christian Emperor, representing the Messiah, can stop Antichrist, the false Messiah. The Orthodox task is the opposite of that of the genocidal Israel-USA.

The coming Christian Emperor, the restored Tsar, will continue the work of his spiritual forebears. He will gather all the Orthodox lands and peoples together, opposing the new Sodom and Gomorrah, proposed by those very agents who have built an Embassy in Jerusalem and by the new Euro-order which has thrown out Christ from its money-changers and tells hateful lies about Russia. The coming Christian Emperor and his repented people will be able to counter Antichrist. So he will serve all the peoples of the earth who seek refuge from the demonic rule of him who will sit on his throne in the Temple in Jerusalem, the capital of the New World Order.


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!

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