Friday, May 18, 2018

The Sixth Race of Man

William, the chimera child from The X-Files, shows us what the satanic Elite are seeking:  the deification of man apart from the Holy Trinity.  The ‘powers’ he manifests (telepathy, telekinesis) are quite in line with what they expect this new man to be like.  The various leaders of the devil’s ‘church’ tell us this quite openly, whether Manly Hall or Madame Blavatsky or etc.:

According to their ‘doctrine’, there will be seven root races of men before mankind reaches his godhood.  Currently, the fifth race is on the earth, but the desire is for the appearance of the more advanced sixth race.

Here we must note again the Theosophical strain in the Stargate series since folks from Earth (the Tau’ri) are called quite openly the ‘fifth race’ in Stargate SG-1, and there is also talk of successor species and extinction, which is also very much in line with Theosophy:

The Alliance of Four Great Races was an intergalactic alliance composed of the most advanced races known at that time: the Ancients, the Asgard, the Furlings, and the Nox. They would periodically meet to discuss matters of mutual concern and importance. To ensure universal communication, they created a "universal language" composed of representations of the primary elements.

The Alliance appears to have dissolved after the last remaining Ancients disappeared, and while it is unknown if the other three races still interacted with each other on some level after their passing, it is likely. With the extinction of the Asgard, only the Nox and Furlings remain. However, before their mass suicide, the Asgard proclaimed the Tau'ri as the Fifth Race of the Great Alliance.

 . . .

In Stargate Worlds it would have been revealed, that each species had constructed a potential caretaker species to continue their legacy after they were gone.  . . .

This kind of thing doesn’t happen by accident.  The Elite are more and more openly preparing the masses for the furtherance of their plans.  These hints in The X-Files and Stargate are part of that process.

A major element involved in bringing about the sixth root race is the mixing of many ethnic groups together, as one may hear in the latter parts of Manly Hall’s lecture linked above at YouTube.

Now, there are many agendas operating at various levels behind the push for mass immigration:  cheap labor, voting strength of political parties, reconquest, etc.  But there is a deeper, spiritual level too.  That is the one we are speaking of here, the desire of evil men to ‘improve’ mankind by following demonic teachings.

The appearance of the sixth race is predicted to appear in one of two places where this mixing has gone the furthest - one is North America and the other, China/North Asia. 

In the States, the mixing has gone very far indeed.  National Geographic has posted photos of all the new combinations that the Progressives are raving over, ‘“Blackanese,” “Filatino,” “Chicanese,” and “Korgentinian”’:

The end result is portrayed as something glorious indeed by those who peddle Theosophy, etc.:

"Great, natural physical changes will take place. Two Great Centers of Light will pour forth their blessing to humanity - one, the Glorious Glistening 'Presence' of Shamballa [North Asia--W.G.] in its Dazzling Radiance, and the other will appear in the United States, not however where any so far have been led to believe, but at a point which has not yet been indicated to outer channels of the world.

But it will not be.  Racial and ethnic mixing to this degree destroys the sense of deep identity and belonging that keeps one grounded and sane.  The sense of loyalty and history disappear.  One becomes a ‘momentary man’, to use Andrew Lytle’s words, living only for the present.  Even ‘the Left’ admits this much:

In 1993, Alex Wagner saw a familiar face on the cover of Time magazine: It was a computer-generated picture of a multiethnic woman who reminded her of ... herself.

Wagner's father is white and from the Midwest; her mother is from what was then Burma. And after reading the Time story on "The New Face of America," Wagner, then a teenager, decided to embrace her identity as a "futureface."

"I liken it to sort of thinking you were a pigeon and then finding out you were a toucan," says Wagner, now a journalist. "It was like this thing that no one else had, this 'futureface.' But as I got older, I felt the weightlessness of that. And I wanted to know what grounded me."

 . . .

This kind of multiculturalism makes men and women weak, unable and unwilling to stand up to the Globalist Elite and their totalitarian, corporate governance since they have nothing of transcendent value to defend any longer.  Indeed, their whole identity becomes whatever fads the transnational corporations and their puppet governments are promoting on any given day.

But given the meticulous care that the Elite show for preserving the purity of their own bloodlines, one may venture to say with a good deal of certainty that the seven races doctrine is merely pseudo-religious, make-believe drivel fed to the masses by the scheming Elite.  It is the exoteric shell hiding an esoteric teaching that only the deep initiates know.  The hidden knowledge is that the promise of mankind’s higher evolution by the thorough confusion of nations, races, and ethnicities into one polyglot race is a lie.  It will only make people more like mindless drones that the evil Superclass can rule over more easily and eventually kill off when their usefulness has come to an end.


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!

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