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The Cult of COVID Is the Religion of Antichrist


St Seraphim Rose (+1982) of Platina, Cal., following the teachings of the Holy Fathers before him, explained how the religion of Antichrist would be an inversion of Orthodox Christianity, a religion purely of this world that serves to satisfy the needs of the body alone (the religion of the full belly, as he called it). 

And now the French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin has shown just how close we are to the final age of Antichrist with these statements of his about the ongoing protests in France over the closure of the churches by the national government:


‘“Of course, freedom of worship is very important, and we have left churches open,” the minister said, “but life is more important than anything, and life means fighting against the coronavirus.”’


‘In his “message to believers,” Darmanin said that “everyone’s health must come first,” even ahead of freedom to worship.’


--Dr Thomas Williams,

If this were the attitude of the Orthodox monks and nuns throughout the ages (, or of the Orthodox clergy and laymen under the heathen Romans, the Muslim Turks, or the atheist Communists, there would not now be the ‘great cloud of witnesses’ in heaven who offer their prayers ceaselessly to the All-Holy Trinity on our behalf (  But the Cult of COVID is relentlessly pushing Christians to adopt the carnal mindset, something the wonderful Archbishop Averky (+1976) warned about over and over again:


 . . . We are living in a strange time, when all the true and healthy Christian concepts are being replaced by false and deceitful concepts, discovered often with an evil intention with the undoubted intention, naturally, of drawing people away from the right path of a truly Christian life. In all of this there can be discerned some kind of rationally acting black hand which is working to bind people as tightly as possible to this temporary, earthly life by forcing them to forget the future life, the eternal life assuredly awaiting us all. 


We must be clearly aware of the kind of time in which we live. Indeed, only a spiritually blind roan, or one who had already sold his soul to the enemies of our holy faith and Church, could fail to sense the spirit of the approaching Antichrist in everything which is now happening in the world. Of what sort of genuine union of all Christians in the spirit of Christian love can one speak now when the Truth is denied by almost everyone, when deceit is in control almost everywhere, when a genuinely spiritual life among people who call themselves Christians has dried up and been replaced by a carnal life, an animal life which has nonetheless been placed on a pedestal and concealed by the idea of pretended charity which hypocritically justifies any sort of spiritual excess, any sort of moral anarchy. Indeed it is from this that are derived all these numberless "balls," various kinds of "games," "dances" and amusements toward which, despite their immoral, anti-Christian nature, even my modern clergymen have a tolerant attitude, sometimes even organizing them themselves and participating in them. . . . 


But there is in our days an even more terrible phenomenon, encountered more and more often: a more or less conscious decision, for the sake of earthly goods and advantages, to serve the coming Antichrist. 


This is the most extreme degree of falling away, from which it is very difficult to arise.


The fundamental task of the servants of the coming Antichrist is to destroy the old world with all its former concepts and "prejudices" in order to built in its place a new world suitable for receiving its approaching "new owner" who will take the place of Christ for people and give them on earth that which Christ did not give them .... 



‘That which Christ did not give them’ is precisely a comfortable life here in the world, free of hardships.  But our Lord gave us not these but rather the Holy Cross and told us to crucify ourselves, to lose our lives for the sake of the Gospel, and to expect great trials.  Yet in the Age of COVID we are told that ‘life is more important than anything’, that ‘everyone’s health must come first’. 

Many wicked deeds will be borne of this distorted desire of mankind to cling to earthly life for as long as possible.  Already in the nation-state of Israel we see an indication of where things are headed.  Jewish folks there are justifying their eating of artificial, lab-grown chicken by resorting to all kinds of deformations of the Old Testament Law:


 . . . Ido Savir, CEO, SuperMeat stated: “The launch of The Chicken is an important step toward a world where cultured meat is accessible to everyone. There is strong public demand for transparency of how food comes to the table. We’re proud to share the full story of SuperMeat chicken for the first time —offering production and dinner all under the same roof, from our plant to your fork.”


“Our production platform is based on avian stem cells that possess the innate ability to multiply indefinitely, eliminating the need to go back to the animal to produce more meat, essentially removing animals from the equation,” Savir said.


Many vegetarians and animal rights activists, though certainly not all of them, do not consider cultured meat to violate their moral convictions but the new branch of food technology is presenting a wide range of questions for Torah observant Jews: Is it really meat?  Can it be considered kosher since it doesn’t have the traditional signs of a kosher animal (hooves, chewing cud, feathers, scales, fins)? If so, can it be kosher since it cannot be slaughtered in the way described by the Torah (shechitah)? If it isn’t meat, can it be eaten with milk, which is forbidden? Is meat grown from pig stem cells kosher? Is taking the stem cells from a living animal considered ever min hachai, ripping a limb from a living creature, which is forbidden to Jews and non-Jews, according to the seven Noahide laws?


Some rabbis suggest that the basis for lab-grown meat was described in the Talmud. In tractate Sanhedrin 59b, the rabbis discuss “meat that descended from heaven”.


They tell of Rabbi Shimeon ben Chalafta, who was walking on the road when lions came and roared at him. He quoted, “The young lions roar for prey and beg their food from God” (Psalms 104:21), and two lumps of meat fell from heaven. The lions ate one and left the other. Rabbi ben Chalafta brought a piece of this meat to the study hall and asked: Is this fit to eat or not? The scholar answered: “Nothing unfit descends from heaven.” Rabbi Zera asked Rabbi Abbahu: “What if something in the shape of a donkey were to descend?” He replied: “You howling bird, did they not say that no unfit thing descends from heaven?”


The same tractate, on page 65b, deals with a similar issue, reading: “Rabbi Chanina and Rabbi Oshaia would spend every Sabbath eve studying the Sefer Yetzirah (Book of Creation, one of the early books of Kabbala) by means of which they created a calf and ate it.”


Rabbi Yeshayah Halevi Horowitz, a 16th-century rabbinic authority, ruled that meat created in an unnatural manner, such as by Kabbalistic methods,  is not considered a real animal and does not need ritual slaughtering. The Malbim, a 19th century Torah scholar,  commented that meat created this way is not considered meat and can be eaten with milk. He suggested that this is the type of meat Abraham offered the angels (Genesis 17:7-8), and was, therefore, able to serve them milk at the same time.


--Adam Berkowitz,

In order justify eating cancerous meat from an animal proscribed by the Mosaic Law (as Mike Adams has said, cells that multiply indefinitely are nothing other than cancer cells), Mr Berkowitz makes the claim that this lab meat is a miracle akin to ‘food from heaven’.

And we offer this ensample simply because this is the kind of justification so-called ‘Christian church leaders’ are going to offer to their congregations in the near future when the COVID vaccines start rolling out: 

Parishioner:  ‘Aren’t these vaccines made from aborted baby body parts?  Aren’t they using untested technology that will alter my genome?’

Pastor Wolf-in-Sheep’s-Clothing:  ‘Now, now.  Let your mind be at ease.  No unfit thing descends from heaven.  The speed at which these vaccines were developed is proof that they have ‘come down from the Father of Lights’.  To spurn them is to spurn the God Who inspired the scientists to create them.’

And, thus, mankind will become more and more ‘sub-human’ (to use St Seraphim’s word) in his quest to keep death at bay for a few more years, a few more weeks, a few more hours.  Christ has already conquered death, but mankind has rejected the God-man and His Body the Orthodox Church and instead has clasped and adored the satanic idea of the man-god.  The deformities the post-Christian man will undergo (and that he will likewise force upon the creation whose head he is) in service of that idea will be truly horrific.  Promoting chicken cancer as healthy food; and cannibalism and genetic mutation via vaccine are only the beginning.

Dr Matthew Johnson’s essay on St Ephraim the Syrian and agrarianism is also relevant here:


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!

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