Monday, July 29, 2013

Manufacturing and Oil Drilling Likely to Make a Comeback in the States

But not because of any great lessening of governmental power, but rather because the Elite’s plan to back the U.S. dollar with GMO food in place of petroleum has backfired badly.  Their plans for further integration of the world’s countries into a single world state (through a kind of food control) suffered a serious setback, with nation after nation rejecting GMO food.  So the Elite have to shore up their strongholds by increasing their wealth in America and in other countries they control with an increase in oil production (aptly named black gold) and an increase in manufacturing (thanks to 3D printing).  Dr Farrell has more details in his latest news video.

But the increased prosperity could be short lived for the average American (and Southerner).  As proof, one simply has to look at the so-called free trade agreements that are being negotiated with huge blocs of countries along the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.  The cheaper labor available outside the States usually has the effect of harming our farmers and craftsmen.

Even if the negative effects are avoided, an America flush with a (spiritually and physically destructive) high economic growth rate is an America that will be united all the more powerfully in pompous Yankee/secular Puritan egotism (‘Look how exceptional we are!’), making it more difficult for Vermont, Texas, Colorado, or any other state (because of internal and external pressure) to separate from the glorious Empire.  Why would anyone want to mess with ‘success’, after all?

So let your joy at the coming economic recovery be tempered (if indeed the plan does go forward).  It is not what the propagandists will portray it to be.

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