Monday, September 30, 2013

‘But What Can *I* Do?’

This is the familiar question for many living through this time of abnormity and rot.  There are not many ways one can successfully confront the Globalist Elite and the system of control and lies they have set up.  And yet, we are not completely without ways to overcome them either.  One of the most potent weapons remaining to us, despite sounding like a cliché, is prayer.

But what to pray for?  In short: Russia.  In more detail: the return of the Tsar to Russia.  But why this?  . . . the restoration of the Christian Emperor in Russia will be the restoration of the Christian Empire, even to the uttermost ends of Europe’ and of the whole world, including the South (Fr Andrew Phillips, ‘Praying for the Resurrection of Europe’, 27 Sept. 2013,

St John Maximovitch taught us how to pray for this and why:

The Tsar-Martyr Nicholas II and his much-suffering family have now entered into the choir of these Passion-bearers.

This greatest of crimes [murdering the Lord’s anointed king], committed with respect to him, must be expiated by fervent veneration of him and by the glorification of his struggle.

Rus' must bow down before its humiliated, slandered and martyred Tsar, just as the Kievans once bowed down before the venerable Prince Igor whom they martyred, and just as the people of Vladimir and Suzdal bowed down before the slain Great Prince Andrew Bogoliubsky!

Then the Tsar-Passion-bearer will acquire boldness before God, and his prayer will deliver the Russian land from the calamities it is enduring.

Then the Tsar-Martyr and his fellow sufferers will become new heavenly defenders of Holy Rus'.

The innocent blood that was shed will regenerate Russia and make it radiant with new glory!

The concerned Southerner (and any other pious Christian in the world) ought to honor the martyred Tsar Nicholas II and his holy family, pray that the Russians will do likewise (as many now do), and ask the Holy Tsar to intercede with the Most Merciful Lord on Russia’s behalf. 

Only after Russia’s repentance shall salvation come to the world, as St John Maximovitch foresaw:  ‘Awake, awake, arise, O Rus', who have drunk from the Lord's hand the chalice of His anger! When your sufferings come to an end, your righteousness will be with you and the glory of the Lord will accompany you. Nations will come to your light and kings to the radiance rising over you. In that day, lift up your eyes round about you and behold, for your children will come to you from the west and the north, from the south and the east, blessing Christ in you unto the ages’ ( 

If the Southern people still have sufficient Christian humility, we will pray earnestly for the restoration of the Christian Empire (and our rightful place in it), of which Russia had been the guardian since the fall of Constantinople in 1453 until her own fall in 1917-8, and which now awaits the resurrection of Holy Russia to guard and lead her once again.  We must not go our own way but submit respectfully and meekly to the authority entrusted to Russia by God.

If the South - for pride, jealousy, or some other sin - rejects Russia as head of the Christian commonwealth of nations, we may be sure that we will continue spiraling down to the depths of the pit, ever more the slaves of the corporate and financial elite who have impoverished and debased millions of bodies, minds, and souls in their quest for the enthronement of evil.

What can you do?  Pray for Russia.

The Holy Royal Martyrs of Russia

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