Monday, September 9, 2013

The Apostle of Scotland - St Ninian

It is imperative in these latter times, as Fr Andrew Phillips has said, to gather round us the saints of our ancestors that they might intercede for us.  To that end, we wish to introduce to you all our Holy Father Ninian, the Apostle of Scotland, whose repose the Church celebrated yesterday - 26 August/8 September.  May he ever pray to the Most Merciful God for Scotland and for us sinners in the South, many of whom are descended from the Scottish family, for our deliverance from all evil.

Ninian Aug 26 + ? 432. A Briton who was sent to enlighten his native country. He established his mission at Whithorn in Wigtownshire in Scotland, so called because the church was built of stone plastered white. There was a monastery attached to it and it was from this centre that Ninian and his monks enlightened the northern Britons and the Picts.’

A portion of the service to the Holy St Ninian:


Joy of the ranks of hierarchs, who didst follow in the steps of the apostles, the holy Ninian is praised with hymns for he brought the saving light of Christ unto thosewho sat in heathen darkness.

The holy hierarch Ninian, waging war against the devil in the land of the Picts, lifted high the Cross as a standard of victory; wherefore, as a valiant warrior of Christ, his abode is ever with the angels.

Dwelling now in light unapproachable, O most blessed Ninian, entreat Christ the Master of all, the King of kings and Lord of lords, that He move the people of Scotland to repentance and have mercy on us all.

Thou wast a true guide on the straight and narrow path which leadeth to the kingdom on high, O most blessed Ninian; for thou wast first to arrive in the land of the Picts, where thou didst bring the Faith of Christ to the heathen, giving them new birth in water and the Spirit. And amid their bleak forests and moors thou didst graft them, like wild olive-shoots, upon Christ, the Tree of Life, whence they were filled with the oil of His mercy. Wherefore, honoring thee as a peer of the apostles and the great hierarchs of old, we earnestly fall down before thee, crying aloud: Entreat the God of all in behalf of the Scottish land and all who honor thy memory with love!


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