Monday, November 18, 2013

Curing Cancer Naturally . . . and Supernaturally

If one has refused the modern temptation to eradicate all variety of living plants from his yard save a single strain of grass, it is possible that a cancer cure is growing there:  dandelion.

Canadian oncologist Dr. Caroline Hamm of Windsor Regional Hospital noticed a few cancer patients who had been drinking dandelion root tea seemed to be getting better. She was curious whether it was coincidental or if there was something to it. So she urged University of Windsor biochemist colleague Siyaram Pandey to look into it further in case there is something about dandelion root extract that is useful against cancer.

He and Dr. Hamm were amazed to find the leukemia cells were forced into apoptosis, or cell suicide without damaging healthy cells. Further testing showed similar results with other types of cancer cells, and mice showed no signs of side effects from the dandelion root extract.

And the Lord has also made this provision for those suffering from cancer:

‘ . . . There is hardly a malady that has not been cured through his prayers; but Saint Nectarius is especially renowned for his healings of cancer for sufferers in all parts of the world.’

Source:  From the entry for 9 November at, accessed 18 Nov. 2013.

Some may indeed need the treatments offered routinely by industrial medicine (chemotherapy, etc.), but it is not the only option available and, because of its destructive side effects, should probably be avoided if possible.  The saints stand ready to help us if we ask, and the creation too offers us her healing plants, for the glory of God and for our well-being.

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