Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Voters Play Make-Believe - 2013 Edition

Although there are many more important things to pay attention to right now (e.g., Obama’s purge of the military of anyone who would resist his plans to disarm Americans and/or fire on them -, still there is some good that may be gleaned from a quick look at some of the election results last night.

Virginia - The citizens of our sister state (and all the states in the American Empire for that matter) need to heed the wisdom of their forefather, Thomas Jefferson, and quickly organize a movement to break their state up into a number of smaller states that can be governed in a proper manner, by like-minded people who see themselves as neighbors, friends, extended family members, and members of the Body of Christ rather than as political allies or opponents.  As Christ taught us, life, including political life, does not consist in lording authority over other people but in self-sacrificing love for them (many of the Grand Princes and Tsars of Russia and Serbia and the kings of England prior to the Norman Invasion are good examples of the latter). 

A reasonable distribution of power between urban and rural counties of the state is part and parcel of that love.  Otherwise, in Virginia and elsewhere, a candidate who wins the votes of the urban masses in only a handful of counties/parishes will win election after election, imposing his troublesome urban beliefs upon his benighted agricultural brethren, as the county map of Virginia’s election for governor illustrates:

For a man of corrupt character like Terry McAuliffe to become Governor of the venerable Old Dominion State speaks of a profound corruption of the voters themselves and of the system used to decide upon a governor.

This is all the fruit of Enlightenment politics, and it is something we need to recognize and reject: namely, that the clash of wills of power-hungry individuals and organizations in an election or in a governing body like a congress will not lead to much that is beneficial for this life or the next.  It is simply war without the bloodshed (usually) - war for a slogan, or for a personality.

Not change for its own sake, neither Progress, the will of the people, nor any of the other buncombe one hears from politicians today but tradition must be our lodestar in politics and all else.  And tradition is best preserved by endowing an hereditary body whose members make their living from the land with political power sufficient to protect the old ways (usually a king is at the head of this aristocratic body).  The Southern gentleman/planter was a good example of such an hereditary guardian of tradition, though never officially recognized as such in a governing document like a state constitution.

Democracy, however, does have a chance of functioning well at the local level (a village or town), but beyond that it becomes the plaything of the moneyed elite, who are the destroyers of tradition.  But here we should remember what the Orthodox Church teaches us:  Each person, in a crisis, must become the protector and transmitter of the Tradition.  And we are fast approaching such times.  We must all make ready, then, to learn and hand on the doctrines and teachings of the Church and what is good and right in the broader society ourselves, since there is no virtuous aristocracy of this sort amongst us today.

Colorado - Five of the eleven counties with a secession referendum on the ballot gave permission to their county governments to explore further the idea of seceding and forming a state of their own.

We applaud them and pray that they will not give in to the pressure to continue with the status quo, to keep playing the fairy tale game that politics has become.  Their example has the power to either encourage or discourage similar efforts elsewhere.

U.S. President 2016 - Will Gov Christie run for the White House in 2016?  Will Hillary?  Don’t trouble yourselves too much over such questions.  More worthwhile is it to ensure that our local communities can raise sufficient food for themselves (and non-genetically modified at that), that our neighbors are awake to the control of our politics by the financial-corporate Elite, and so forth.

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