Monday, September 13, 2021

Offsite Post: ‘How to Rebuild Louisiana? Putin May Have Better Ideas Than JBE’


With southeast and southwest Louisiana knocked flat on their backs after powerful hurricanes, all attention is being given to how to rebuild.  Pres Biden, by invoking the ‘Build Back Better’ slogan of the globalist World Economic Forum, has shown that he and his administration are not trustworthy partners in this endeavor.

But there are other resources for ideas and leadership.  The Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) held a meeting earlier this month in Vladivostok.  Participants in 2019 included more than 60 countries and territories, so this is no insular, insignificant gathering.  During the 2021 EEF meeting, President Putin of Russia laid out his plans for economic and social development, and it is from his presentation that Louisiana can reap a good deal of benefit.

(We understand that some folks will have white-eyed convulsions at the mention of Pres Putin and Russia in a positive light, but if those folks will keep in mind that the Deep State has manipulated people’s perception of Russia and many other countries through its control of the media for decades, perhaps they can read on without developing an extreme case of apoplexy.)

Energy Production


Russia’s Energy Strategy 2035 (first unveiled in 2015) was advanced in leaps and bounds with agreements to increase the gas distribution system from 68.6% to 82.9% in 14 years, and to vastly expand hydrogen energy development to 200,000 tons by 2024 before rising to 2,000,000 tons by 2035. . . . 


While there are several pathways to create hydrogen fuel, the most effect option which Russia has selected in its current model uses electrolysis carbon capture technology from natural gas. However, Rosatom has announced an even more robust approach to hydrogen development in the form of nuclear reactors that not only provide reliable, high quality energy to power the industrial and residential needs of a nation but also generate massive quantities of hydrogen as a carbon-free by-product.


 . . . 


The strategic necessity for hydrogen and also nuclear power has finally struck many nations who have woken up to the reality that the windmill/solar panel boondoggles that technocrats managing a Global Green New Deal have been pushing might look nice in computer models, but are completely dysfunctional when measured against the actual productive needs of humanity.


 . . . President Putin made the point that the Arctic hosts an array of mineral and energy resources that will not only service the coming decades but coming centuries with Arctic offshore deposits of oil amounting to 15 billion tons and 100 trillion cubic meters of gas.


--Matthew Ehret


 . . .

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Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!

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