Wednesday, July 17, 2013

An In/Out Referendum

Where is the James Wharton of the American Empire?

Conservative MPs [members of Parliament - W.G.] have led calls for the public to have their say in a referendum on whether Britain should remain in the European Union.

James Wharton, whose bill proposes a vote by 2017, said he was "speaking for millions of people" in the country.

He said "public sentiment" about Europe had changed and fresh consent for the UK's membership was "long overdue".

Labour said the Tories were "talking to themselves" while the Lib Dems branded the bill a "complete stunt".

MPs backed Mr Wharton's private member's bill at second reading - the first time it has been debated - by 304 votes to 0 although only a handful of Labour MPs took part as they and the Lib Dems boycotted the vote en masse.

If this can happen in the United Kingdom, which has a more centralized mindset than America does, why should such a thing not happen here?

So wherever you are - Georgia, Tennessee, Oregon, Alaska, the UP of Michigan - take every opportunity to petition your state and/or local government to let the public vote in a referendum (binding or non-binding) on whether they wish to remain under the current corporate-controlled wage-slave tyranny operated from Washington City.

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