Tuesday, July 2, 2013

'John Taylor of Caroline and Energy Policy'

At the Front Porch Republic, Skyler Reidy gives the great Southern statesman and agrarian John Taylor some much deserved attention.  She looks into Arator, his book of essays on farming, and draws out some advice on energy policy that deserve our notice.  Her main thoughts are

-be good stewards of the resources we have now;
-do right by future generations by improving the state of affairs which we received from our forefathers and which we will pass on to our children, not handing to them a wrecked and depleted inheritance (which we are doing, viz. our fossil fuel use);
-beware of those offering solutions to energy problems whose only aim is to become a leech on the public treasury; and
-become better acquainted with, and cultivate a deeper affection for, the places we call home so we can develop a local energy plan based on local resources and the needs of the local economy.

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