Monday, August 5, 2013

America: The Next Soviet Nation?

A post at LRC made the following comparison between the current American Empire and the old Soviet Union:

'How shamed we should be of the sociopaths in office as they take up where Russia left off in the police-state.'

One is reminded of a prophecy by Elder Ignaty of Harbin from the early 20th century:  'What began in Russia, will end in America.'

Was the Elder foreseeing a godless collectivistic society, based on the pattern of the brutal Soviet government, rising here in the States?  It is certainly possible, given what we are now witnessing here:  the dying Christian faith, a vast government spying apparatus, a rapidly expanding federal police force for the homeland, millions of spiritually starved people who look to the government to give meaning to their lives as well as to put food in their stomachs, and a ruling Elite that is arrogant enough to believe that it can provide both to the masses.

This being so, the words that Father Andrew Phillips wrote of England and Europe are just as important for us in the South and the other States to heed:

'The victory of the old culture of believing Tradition, however unlikely it may seem, is possible, but only if Europe refers back to its spiritual roots. This is why we Orthodox are being called on to gather together not only the faithful remnants among the peoples of Europe, but also to gather together the saints of Old Europe, who were faithful to Orthodoxy, so that they may intercede for Europe and for us. However, little time remains, for, as prophesied, all around are ‘treason and cowardice and deceit’.'

Gather together the saints of your forefathers, Southerner, and fervently entreat them to pray for us, their descendants in the South, lest it go very ill indeed for us.

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