Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How to Celebrate Real Independence

Mike Adams of NaturalNews offers eleven ways.  Here are the first three:


#1) Independence from the lying mainstream media

Turn off the TV and stop watching CNN which is nothing more than pure political theater designed to distract you from what's really going on. Cancel your subscription to cable or satellite television. Stop watching sitcoms and stop reading mainstream newspapers.

If there's anything really important going on, it will be covered in the independent, alternative media such as Natural News, Infowars and StoryLeak. And if you really want to know what's happening in the world, read Wikileaks or try some non-U.S. newspapers like The Guardian (which broke the Ed Snowden NSA spy story).

#2) Independence from the for-profit sick-care system

Want real freedom? Stay out of the hospitals and cancer clinics. Eat a diet that you know is good for you: fresh fruits and vegetables, organic produce, superfoods and food-based nutritional supplements. Get lots of vitamin D from sensible sunshine exposure. Boost your trace minerals intake to avoid mineral deficiencies. Engage in regular exercise of some sort, even if it's just walking.

This will keep you out of the cancer clinics and their chemo poison centers, out of the kidney dialysis centers and away from pharmacies and doctors. There is no real freedom if you're dependent on a chemical pill, so work to wean yourself off those pills with the help of a qualified naturopathic doctor.

#3) Independence from the corporate-monopolized global food system

The globalists know that food is a weapon. When they control the food, they control the population. Real independence requires not just storing extra food as an emergency backup supply, but producing food on your own property so that your food supply is at least partially self-sustaining.

It's easy to get started doing this: you can begin by sprouting your own fresh sprouts right on your kitchen counter. Expanding from there, you can run a small aquaponic system in your own home or apartment, or even grow some culinary herbs in small pots on a window sill.

Better yet, build a small greenhouse and run an aquaponic system in there, producing both fish and plants at the same time. (I'm building an aquaponic system and will be sharing videos online soon).

You could also go the traditional, simple route and till a garden in your back yard. Plant seeds in dirt and let nature generate the food. Whatever way you like to approach it, make this the year you take action and make it happen.


(Thanks to RDH for the address.)

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