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Orthodox Metaphysics; a Serbian Genius; and . . . a New Southern Power System?

Rather than continue to rely on the destructive metaphysics inherited from the Renaissance and Enlightenment, which follow the nominalist teachings of Aristotle, St Augustine, and Thomas Aquinas that man and creation are two separate, discreet entities; that the creation has likewise been sundered from God; and that, since this is so, man may exploit the creation at will without consequence for himself, we should recover the older, traditional view that all things in the creation (including man) are interconnected and that all are indwelled by the uncreated energies of God by virtue of all things having the source of their being in the Word of God (they are the logoi of the Logos, words of the Word - see the writings of St Maximus the Confessor, St Gregory Palamas, and others). 

How are we to replace the base, contradictory narrative of man’s “progress” with something better?  Is there an answer elsewhere?  Can claims of religious belief and theology be rational?  Are they not merely leaps of faith, with no reason behind them?  In short, there are answers and religious claims just as warranted as a “scientific” claim, and sometimes more so.  When we consider “warranted” beliefs, as they are often termed in philosophy, we can see alternate explanations that are far superior to the reductionist materialism of our day.

It is my thesis that there is an alternate metaphysics that is suppressed by the centralized Western establishment, allowing for a covert advancement in highly complex technologies, while the ignorant public have been given a mass consumption physics and worldview that is ultimately a dead-end (materialism).  One of the chief arguments I fall back on is the fact that highly advanced technologies are based on a rigorous, formal logic that is ordered and perfectly systematic.  Since logic itself, which forms the basis and presupposition of those systems, is not, and cannot be “matter,” the central narrative explanation of reality given by modern academia for man’s origins, “Enlightenment,” and so-called scientific advance is completely wrong.

This alternate metaphysics is closer to what is found in aspects of Platonism and Eastern Orthodox theology, and this is likely what informed Tesla to be so successful with his inventions, despite his latter days of theosophy.  I do not intend to advocate all of Platonism or Pythagoreanism or later developments in Plato’s students, but rather when considering foundational philosophical presuppositional commitments and assumptions, the ideas of thinkers closer to this tradition are more correct than those of an atomistic, materialist bent.  Modern quantum thinkers generally tend to be open about “Platonic” theories of metaphysics matching up to their discoveries, while materialistic science is utterly bankrupt at providing any coherent account of reality.

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Source:  Jay Dyer, ‘The Metaphysics of Creation’,, posted 2 July 2014, accessed 13 July 2014

By many accounts, the iconic inventor Nikola Tesla was years ahead of his time. His ideas for a worldwide wireless communications system, and a wireless energy transmission technology, never got the traction they perhaps may have deserved during his lifetime, and but now, over a century later, two scientists are retracing his steps and plan to build a prototype of his Wardenclyffe tower using modern materials and advanced electronics.

The Planetary Energy Transmitter project seeks to crowdfund $800,000 in donations in order to build the Tesla Tower prototype, and to continue Tesla's research into
wireless energy transmission and reception, which is intended to demonstrate the viability and efficiency of the technology.

If the prototype functions as intended, and further research into wireless power reception plays out as well, the Tesla tower and wireless receivers could "allow transmission of large amounts of energy via ground to any kind of distances - instantly, safely and without losses.

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If the calculations of the two scientists behind the Tesla tower project, Leonid Plekhanov and Sergey Plekhanov, are correct, and the appropriate supporting infrastructure for reception of wireless energy transmissions is developed, we may be able to effectively power the entire globe with renewable energy sources, such as solar, due to the possibility of transmitting it with minimal losses.

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Provided the wireless transmission of power from the Tesla towers proves harmless, this would be a great improvement over the means of power generation used today that mar so much of the earth either in their results (radioactive and other poisonous wastes) or in the gathering of raw materials for them (strip mining, blowing away the tops of mountains, destruction of sea coasts, etc.).  One ensample on fracking:

The Southern view of the creation down through the years has often been closer to the integral Orthodox view than to the reductionist Enlightenment view (seeing the supernatural in the natural and so on).  Hopefully this will allow us to make a smoother transition to something like a Tesla system when/if the time comes.

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