Monday, July 21, 2014

The Alternative to Free Southern Nation-States?

Being dissolved by the acid of anti-Christian globalism and remade for a subhuman way of living:

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The banksters are at liberty to subvert, invade and expropriate across the world forever [while there is no Christian Tsar in Russia, that is--W.G.]. A key condition for the IMF’s extension of its $18 billion loan to Ukraine is “territorial integrity” – in their war on Novorossiya, nationalists act as the foot soldiers of predatory multinationals. They march not for their fatherland, but for the greater glory of Exxon-Mobil, Monsanto, and Lady Gaga; they are expendable, and so is Ukraine. Fantasies of a state from the Carpathians to the Caucasus seem quaint compared to the vision of planetary rule decreed by the masters of the dialectic, and the parochial nihilism of Bandera’s disciples represents only a transitory stage toward universal enslavement and the dissolution of all peoples.

Globalist elites design their policies according to the classical maxim of divide et impera, yet its esoteric corollary is solve et coagula, the alchemical process applied to entire societies. Behind inane sloganeering on freedom, democracy and human rights lies a relentless desire to destroy. Sovereignty must be ended, sex and the family distorted unto grotesquery, and God usurped by Mammon. The nation – the great extended family – must be annihilated. What the Brave New World needs are neither Russians nor Ukrainians, but demographic biomass engineered for exploitation.

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Source:  Mark Hackard, ‘National Nihilism’,, posted 17 June 2014, accessed 21 July 2014

As Mr Hackard says (along with many others), a true nation must be rooted in faith.  Southerners in their various fatherlands must unite around Christianity, but not one vaguely defined, not the deceptive pluralism we have lived with for so many years now.  We must unite around Orthodox Christianity or face the same fate as the Western nations since the Great Schism in 1054 A. D. - either continuous warfare between the different Christian sects (whether Roman Catholic or Protestant), which, having rejected Christ as their head, have, wittingly or unwittingly, become carnal, earthly organizations with carnal, earthly goals (territorial domination, wealth, comfort, etc.); or else we will descend into religious tolerance, which leads to indifference towards the truth.  This in turn gives birth to the denial of any truth, to the relativism, nihilism, and atheism we see so much of today in Western Europe, the [u]nited States, and all the heirs of Western culture.

We must correct this error of our forefathers if we wish it to go well for us as free peoples, if we indeed wish to be true brothers and sisters one of another in Christ, if we would be Christian nations in more than name alone.  Here, then, are paths to some articles and videos to help us understand what true Christianity is:

This is the first video of those posted at the site just above (entitled 'What Is Christian Orthodoxy?'):

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