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Why Capitalists Hate Christian Countries

In Islam, the world is divided between the dar al-Islam and the dar al-harb: the House of Islam and the House of War (i.e., those peoples who have not submitted to Muslim rule -, accessed 30 July 2014).

Western anti-Christian capitalists view the world in much the same way:  There is the House of Capitalism and the House of War:  Those nations who live in submission to the rules of monopoly capitalism and those who refuse to do so. 

And just as Muslims are obligated to wage war on all countries until they submit to Allah, so must the capitalists wage war on all the ‘backward’ peoples of the world until they bow in obedience to the capitalist gods of Progress and Mammon.

Among those backward peoples are those who take Christianity seriously.  For capitalism above all else seeks to define the worth of man and the creation solely in terms of money.  The Orthodox Church rejects this idea, proclaiming that man, soil, plants, water, birds, bears, sun, stars, and all the rest are priceless creations of God, not merely dead matter or 'human resources', not simply commodities to be auctioned off at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange for use in one of Blake’s ‘satanic mills’. 

Furthermore, man’s highest calling, teaches the Church, is not only to unite himself with the uncreated grace of God through holy living, but also to shower this grace upon the rest of the creation, over which the Lord in the beginning placed him as king, making it sacred and holy and full of Light along with himself.

In so doing, Christians place man and the creation beyond the utilitarian pale of capitalism - a grave sin according to the capitalists, for it impinges on their ability to generate profit.  If the Christians do not voluntarily repent of it, they must be ‘saved’ against their will, by force (economic or military).

This is what the South was guilty of in the eyes of the Northern industrialists in the 19th century, and which led to the War; this is what Russia was guilty of in the early 20th century that provoked the Western-backed Revolution of the Bolsheviks:

The institution of the peasant commune in prerevolutionary Russia is one of the world’s unique institutions; and also one that is almost unknown. As Americans continue to work long hours for comparatively less pay, continue to see unions disappear and see any kind of job security dissipate, maybe it is time to look at other models of economic organization.

It need not be said that the commune, for American historiography, is derided. This is largely for one important reason: the architects of liberalism and capitalism in Russia were the elite; the elite political and economic forces. For them, the commune was an irritant, a set of protections that permitted the average peasant a great deal of protection against exploitation. the destruction of the commune then, was absolutely necessary for the Russian neo-Jacobins to impose constitutional capitalism on Royal Russia.

In the commune, the church calendar was the primary medium for telling time. This meant that the work year was short, for the calendar of traditional Christianity saw four fast periods as well as dozens of major feasts, whether local, national or pan-Orthodox. One of the main reasons the liberal bourgeois in Russia hated the commune was that it sanctioned the traditional agrarian practice of only working about 2/3 of the year. The rest was made up in fasting, feasting and cultural pursuits. Therefore, the protections, immunities and traditions of communal life were absolutely incompatible with capitalism, “constitutionalism” and liberalism.

 . . . 

Source:  Father Matthew Raphael Johnson, ‘The Peasant Commune in Russia’,, posted 2007, accessed 30 July 2014

And this is what Russia and those aligned with her are primarily guilty of today: rejection of the Western consumer lifestyle and the practice of normal Christian life (keeping saints’ days and fast days, all-night prayer vigils, etc.).  Thus they hamper the collection of all the peoples of the world into a vast, dreary collection of manufacturing centers that (contrary to the propaganda) exist to enrich the owners, not the workers.  The ‘new world order’ advocated by George H. W. Bush, Barack Obama, etc. is held at bay.

And so the monopoly capitalists of the [u.] S. and Western Europe, via their neo-Nazi proxies in the Ukraine who are busily bombing churches and hospitals of the Russian ‘separatists’ (and likely using outlawed phosphorous weapons as well),

are now setting the stage for an unnecessary and unjust aggressive war against Russia, the leader of the resistance to the forces of anti-Christ in the world (though, admittedly, still a good ways from full spiritual recovery herself because of the battering she endured from those same forces for much of the 20th century).

Despite the conclusion by US intelligence that there is no evidence of Russian involvement in the destruction of the Malaysian airliner and all lives onboard, Washington is escalating the crisis and shepherding it toward war.

Twenty-two US senators have introduced into the 113th Congress, Second Session, a bill, S.2277, “To prevent further Russian aggression toward Ukraine and other sovereign states in Europe and Eurasia, and for other purposes.” The bill is before the Committee on Foreign Relations.

Note that prior to any evidence of any Russian aggression, there are already 22 senators lined up in behalf of preventing further Russian aggression.

Accompanying this preparatory propaganda move to create a framework for war, hot or cold with Russia, NATO commander General Philip Breedlove announced his plan for a deployment of massive military means in Eastern Europe that would permit lightening responses against Russia in order to protect Europe from Russian aggression.

There we have it again: Russian Aggression. Repeat it enough and it becomes real.

The existence of “Russian aggression” is assumed, not demonstrated.  . . .

Source:  Paul Craig Roberts (who speaks with a good Southern accent),, posted 25 July 2014, accessed 30 July 2014

So whoever you be, whether Southern-born or no, just be sure you know what your federal government (which is yours in name only) and their Western allies are about to destroy - the only bulwark left between you and the establishment of the Anti-Christ’s worldwide rule of darkness and torment.  For Hannity, Limbaugh, and plenty of so-called conservatives simply do not know or will not accept this:

Just one ensample of Russia’s Christian soul over against the West’s heathen soul: 

Khotkovo, a small town near Moscow, became a place of pilgrimage on July 16. The town has probably never welcomed such a large number of people. This is because the celebrations dedicated to the 700th anniversary of the birth of St. Sergius, one of the most revered of Russian saints, began here.

At seven in the morning, traffic was blocked in the cities of Sergiev Posad and Khotkovo. Pilgrims from all over the country – Kazakhstan, Udmurtia, Chuvashia, Vologda, Penza, and the Moscow region – were taken to the places of celebration on special buses. People arrived early to attend Liturgy and venerate the relics of Sts. Cyril and Maria of Radonezh, parents of the Venerable Sergius.

At 12 o’clock the car with Patriarch Kirill arrived at the front gates of the Khotkovo Patriarchal Monastery. The Patriarch served a moleben in the St. Nicholas Cathedral at the relics, and then headed the procession. He walked under an umbrella, together with all the bishops and priests, for the entire fifteen kilometers.

It took around forty minutes for all the people to exit the monastery’s gates, and the procession stretched for five kilometers.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, about 36,000 people came to Khotkovo and Sergiev Posad. About 29,000 people participated in the procession. Together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Cossacks provided security service. 600 volunteers were also involved in the event.

People sat and lay right on the grass, gathering strength before the next transition. The temperature of 35 degrees Celsius [95 degrees Fahrenheit] had its effect on people. . . .

Source:  Anna Galperina, 'People of the XXI Century Walk after the Venerable One',, posted 18 July 2014, accessed 30 July 2014

(Photos from Ms Galperina's story above.)

Now consider America, where tens of thousands of people will gather together in uncomfortable conditions primarily for things like NFL games and Black Friday sales (and generally behave abominably there), not to honor a saint of the living God.

We must decide quickly, inside the South and out, which is really our foe - a Russia on the mend spiritually, or a Western world falling further and further under the influence of the demonic lusts unleashed by her system of anti-Christian imperialistic capitalism.

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