Friday, January 16, 2015

Keeping the ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Killings in the Proper Frame of View

Jay Dyer has a good essay which helps us do this.  It begins,

In the 1971 film The French Connection, New York police detective “Popeye” Doyle (Gene Hackman) uncovers an underworld drug smuggling operation involving the importation of millions of dollars in heroin by a French cartel that planned to use a media personality as an unwitting front.

This week, we were shocked to learn that Onion-like French satire publication Charlie Hebdo had been attacked by terrorists, with Al Qaeda taking responsibility for the murder of twelve of the magazine’s staff and guests. While it is tempting to get bogged down in “fluid” situation details, we must always recall similar patterns of such events in the recent past which will serve to inform the greater context of this new event in the never-ending “war on terror.”

Naturally, the first historical reference that comes to mind is Gladio, the infamous NATO “stay behind” networks in Cold War Europe that utilized terror attacks and shootings in public venues (amongst other things) to later be blamed on leftist and socialist groups.  Gladio thus represents the so-called “conservative” side of the dialectic running operations against the so-called left. The Aldo Moro incident in Italy, for example, involved a staged assassination of a socialist minister by a NATO-run Marxist front.  NATO/Gladio operations have never ceased, as we see the same patterns at work in more recent false flags.

The French intelligence service, DGSE, works hand in hand with NATO and other western intelligence agencies, and over the past few years has assisted in the training of Al Qaeda offshoots in the attempt to topple Syria’s Bashar Assad. The “Free Syrian Army” has notoriously been armed and funded by Atlanticist power elites since 2012, when the CFR called for more use of Al Qaeda and the FSA, to 2013, when we saw Senator John McCain and others meeting with rebranded Al Qaeda leaders. As we look back on events associated with French and Euro terror, the images converge.

In 1995, Rachid Ramda, a member of radical Islamic organizations predictably titled “Islamic Salvation Front” and the “Armed Islamic Goup”, bombed the French RER subway, killing eight. According to an interview with Liberacion, Ramda described his past involvement with Western NGOs and Doctors Without Borders – both classic intelligence covers, casting doubt on the official narrative of Ramda as the typical fundamentalist stage prop of so many mainstream media terror tales. This event recalls the NGO affiliations of the so-called ISIS video victims, as well as Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

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Source:  ‘Puppeteering Terror’, Soul of the East,, posted 9 Jan. 2015, accessed 16 Jan. 2015

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