Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Shooting in France

It is a terrible thing to see so many die and suffer in Paris; nevertheless we mustn’t let ourselves be manipulated yet again by supporters of the New World Order. 

They want a clash of civilizations

to help usher in the era of global government ruled by Antichrist:  After wrack and ruin have come upon all the peoples of the world, who would want to refuse the promise of the False Christ for peace and plenty?  So they engineer wars in Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, Somalia, Libya, etc. and shootings like the one at the French magazine we have just seen.  Ties between one of the shooters and the American intelligence community have recently been uncovered.

Do not, then, join the Hannity’s, John Bolton’s, and the other neocons who are calling for war on ‘radical Islam’.  Islam, to be sure, is a danger; but the greater danger is the transnational Elite who fiddle with glee at the sight of the garish fires of war all over the world and do all in their power to start and continue them.

From them and from our own sinfulness Most Holy Mother of God save us!

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