Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Proper Uses of Islam (by Western Elites)

Father Andrew Phillips shares some enlightening words in the wake of the Paris shootings:

In the eleventh century, the Western world, then meaning only some parts of Western Europe, finally rejected any kind of spiritual centre outside itself and made itself into its own spiritual centre. Thus, having become ethnocentric, it started to view all other civilizations as cannon fodder for its wholly unprincipled and egoistic purposes. All other civilizations became ‘good’ if they supported the exploitative and genocidal egoism of the West, but ‘barbaric’, ‘backward’, ‘primitive’ and ‘anti-democratic’ if they did not.

 . . .

For example, the Muslim world could be massacred, as in the eleventh century in the Iberian Peninsula, as in the Crusades, as today in the Gaza Strip, because Muslims are ‘in the way’. However, when it suited and suits the unprincipled purposes of the West, the Muslim world could and can become its closest ally, as in the anti-Christian Crimean War and in Bulgaria in the 19th century when the West supported anti-Christian massacres by Muslims, as in the West’s contemporary support of barbaric anti-Christian dictatorships in Saudi Arabia (whose Muslim fanatics were responsible for 9/11 but which was not invaded), in Qatar and Bahrein, as in Chechnia, Kosovo and Bosnia, where the West supported the establishment of anti-Christian Muslim criminal mafia governments, as in Afghanistan, where the CIA set up Al-Qaida, as in Iraq, where the CIA-imposed dictator Hussein was then betrayed by the West once he had outlived his usefulness and lived to see his country pillaged and over a million of his people massacred and exiled, as in Libya, where Britain and France bombed the legitimate regime to pieces and ensured that its armouries were pillaged by Muslim fanatics, as in Syria, where the West financed and trained fanatical Muslim terrorists and encouraged their own Western-born jihadis to fight there – until they started carrying their jihad into Iraq and now into France, or as in the Crimea where it supports the Muslim Tartar minority against the Christian Russian majority.

Thus, modern ‘radical Islam’ is a Western invention.  . . .

Source:  ‘Paris: Violent Extremism Breeds Violent Extremism’, Orthodox England events ‘blog, http://www.events.orthodoxengland.org.uk/paris-violent-extremism-breeds-violent-extremism/, posted 8 Jan. 2015, accessed 20 Jan. 2015

As if on cue, in comes arch-Globalist and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich with an opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal in an effort to stir up more American militarism against Muslims. 

The usefulness of Islam to the corporations behind the wehrmacht and the police state systems of the [u]nited States and Western Europe, it would seem, has not quite reached its end.

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