Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Great Southern Weakness towards Antichrist

The God-bearing Holy Fathers and other good teachers of the Orthodox Church are quite clear about one of the events that will happen together with Antichrist’s appearing - the rise of Israeli power and influence in the world:  ‘the Beast of the Apocalypse’ is ‘“Jewish might reborn at the end of time”’ (Fr Sloet, Revue Biblique, 1893, quoted in Archpriest Boris Molchanoff, Antichrist, Liberty, Tenn.: St. John of Kronstadt Press, p. 10).  ‘The initial phase of this plan [Antichrist’s plan to attain worldwide rule--W.G.] will be the achieving of popularity among the Jews’ (Antichrist, p. 6). When Antichrist reveals himself to the world, ‘The triumph of Judaism will be great, for there will be the command to celebrate the Jewish sabbath and follow the Jewish law.  The countless sects, like sheep without a shepherd, will gather to Antichrist as to their own pastor in the re-built temple of Solomon in Jerusalem’ (Apostasy and Antichrist, Jordanville, Ny.: Holy Trinity Monastery, p. 40).

This should put us on our guard, for Israeli power and popularity are indeed rising:

. . .

The twin crises in Syria and Egypt have marked the emergence of a new superpower coalition in the Middle East, the odd-couple alliance of Israel and Saudi Arabia, with Jordon serving as an intermediary and the Persian Gulf oil sheikdoms playing a supporting role.

The potential impact of this new coalition can barely be overstated, with Israel bringing to the table its remarkable propaganda skills and its unparalleled influence over U.S. foreign policy and Saudi Arabia tapping into its vast reservoir of petrodollars and exploiting its global financial networks. Together the two countries are now shaping international responses to the conflicts in Syria and Egypt, but that may only be the start.

 . . .

Source:  Robert Parry, ‘The Saudi-Israeli Superpower’, 29 Aug. 2013, https://consortiumnews.com/2013/08/29/the-saudi-israeli-superpower/

Add to this the beguilement of so many evangelical churches by the false teaching of Dispensationalism (that there will be a ‘rapture’, that ethnic Israel is as important as, if not more important than, the New Testament Church founded by our Lord Himself (which is now the True Israel - Gal. 6:16), etc.), which has made ethnic Israel such a darling of those churches, and one may see that the world is racing toward great danger (if not the greatest danger).

And the danger is acute here in the South, where the Dispensational-evangelical view dominates so many of the churches.  What Southerner of this sort would not be tickled to see a great leader arise in the world who would help the Jewish people live peacefully with their neighbors on terms favorable to the Jews, be at the center of world political decision-making, and rebuild their Temple?  Thus the fondness of these Southerners for ethnic Israel will endear them to Antichrist when he steps out of the shadows onto the world stage.

Already these Southrons cheer men and women like Col Allen West, the Tea Party’s favorite son (he may live in Florida, but he is no friend of Dixie’s), when they say that America should ‘crush America’s and Israel’s enemies’ and ‘bring them to their knees’ and then yell ‘God bless America, God Bless Israel!’ like madmen (see the last 30 seconds of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iaHe9PBnFdA).

But to go forward in such a ghost (spirit) only hastens the day of Antichrist, and thus their own fordoing (destruction).

‘Awake thou that sleepest’, O Souðron, and come into the haven of the Holy Orthodox Church while there is yet time.

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