Friday, September 25, 2015

Are the Days of ‘Cut-Burn-Poison’ (Michael Hoffman) Cancer Treatment Numbered?

Maybe.  Below is part of a story by Natural News on a treatment that looks very promising.

(NaturalNews) A breakthrough cancer treatment appears to be the reason why a handful of holistic doctors were recently found "suicided" is now gaining worldwide attention as a potential universal cure for cancer. And new microscopic footage released by First Immune shows this amazing remedy in action -- the human protein GcMAF is visually seen activating the body's own macrophages, which are then able to attack and destroy breast cancer cells in vitro.

The roughly two-minute video clip, which has been posted to YouTube, reveals the true healing power of GcMAF, a human protein that the body makes naturally but that some people lack or can't produce in adequate volume.

By delivering an activated version of this substance intravenously, scientists have shown that the immune system can be fully invigorated to destroy cancer cells on its own without the need for chemotherapy or radiation.

 . . .

Source:  Ethan Huff, ‘Watch as amazing GcMAF treatment kills cancer cells in real time… holistic doctors ‘suicided’ over this stunning breakthrough’,, posted 28 Aug. 2015, accessed 19 Sept. 2015

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