Monday, September 28, 2015

New Hitlers?

It was not so long ago that the (so-called) conservative media in America was calling Pres Putin of Russia ‘Hitler’ for opposing the plans of the American Empire-New World Order in the Ukraine and the Crimea.  Now that Spain, France, Germany, and Austria are supporting Russia in opposing those same forces in Syria (see Dr Farrell’s ‘News and Views’ update below), will the leaders of those countries now likewise be demonized as Pres Putin was?

Whatever the case, it is heartening to see divisions amongst the One World Government super class (see also here for another ġe-bysnung (example) 

Perhaps it will allow Catalonia,

the South, Scotland, Wales, and other leods (peoples) to peacefully wriggle free from the grip of the synthetic super-nations and live something like a true Christian life.

On the other hand, one must be concerned about the reaction of an upbraided American elite.  Will their hurt pride make them lash out dangerously? Or is it merely 'Mission: Accomplished' once again, now that Syria is a wreck, thousands of Christians have been slaughtered, and the Muslim invasion of Europe has been strengthened?

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