Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Et Tu, Bryan Fischer?

Mr Bryan Fischer has now joined the chorus of voices making the absurd claim that the violent protesters in places like Portland, Oregon, somehow share a kinship of principles with Dixie’s Confederacy (see his commentary about the 48-minute mark).

For Mr Fischer, the rioters trying to take over the federal courthouse by barbaric tactics is the same as what the South did to start the so-called Civil War at Fort Sumter.  Aside from the fact that the South held herself to a higher ethical code of warfighting than the beastly men in the Northwest (the soldiers of the Confederacy were men of Christian chivalry, after all), there are problems with Mr Fischer’s account of the shelling of Ft Sumter, namely, the resupply of that fort by Pres Lincoln was a deliberate provocation by him to cause the South to ‘fire the first shot’ and give him a pretext to invade and conquer the South.  That is all recounted in this article and this podcast with plenty of detail if he and his fellow Americanism idol worshippers care to educate themselves about real American history:

Now, as to violent insurrections, who in American history is more guilty of fomenting them, the North or the South?  It is the North.  From financing books containing ‘fake news’ to stir up sectional hatred like Uncle Tom’s Cabin, to instigating the killing in Bleeding Kansas, to financing John Brown’s raid of Harper’s Ferry, Virginia, Abolitionist Northerners were the insurrectionists par excellence:

Not to mention the virulent anti-Catholicism of the Yankees that also erupted into violence, and which was also related to their anti-slavery bloodshedding:

It is not Southerners but rather the Yanks who are the forerunners of the violent mobs in Portland, Seattle, etc.


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!

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