Friday, August 2, 2013

A Canker Sore on the South

McDonald's, that is.  Few things epitomize the chemical-laced, genetically modified, overly processed, nutrient deficient, 'food-like substances' (thanks to John Medaille for the phrase) of the modern world better than this 'corporate neighbor' (Wendell Berry).  How wonderful would it be, then, to wake one morning and read a story about the South similar to this one about Bolivia:

'In some parts of the world, good food is food prepared with care, attention, and a plenty of time. This sort of food philosophy, where meals are made with fresh ingredients and patience, doesn’t lend itself well to fast food where cheap ingredients are premade so they can be warmed and slapped together in record-time. This sort of food dichotomy is exactly why McDonald’s couldn’t thrive in Bolivia—the first Latin America country to essentially kick the fast-food-giant out by keeping them in the red.'


Traditional Southerners certainly share with Bolivia the same philosophy about food and cooking recounted in this story.  We will know we are making progress toward a true and lasting freedom (cultural and otherwise) when the wrecking ball takes aim at those degrading Golden Arches.

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