Friday, August 16, 2013

The United Corporations of America

Considering the miniscule role the States play in American life today, when contrasted with the role of large corporations, we might as well use a name that reflects reality.

The failure of the various constitutions, state and national, to prevent this corporate takeover of the Union is a serious shortfall that will need to be addressed in any reform of those documents (or in the writing of future ones).

The three branches of government have ceased to be a living expression of the history and traditions of the various peoples of the States.  Their mummified remains are now used by our corporate governors as grisly charms to impart to their actions a semblance of legitimacy, and to convince voters that they still have some power over Leviathan.

Here are but two examples of the many that could be given showing how corporations now use the government apparatus to exploit the citizenry for their own good:  the Affordable Care Act and Monsanto's protection provision

May Our Most Gracious Lord, after our repentance, raise up for us champions to deliver us from this dreadful host of men and women.

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