Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Both Political Parties Showing Their True Nature

Whether it is the recent attempt at gun grabbing, Rubio's deception about his 'control the border first' immigration bill, the unanimous gutting of rules - by Congress and the President - designed to prevent insider trading by federal officials, and now the 'bipartisan' support of massive East German-type spying on innocent Americans (Sen Lindsey Graham, Rep Peter King, Sen Feinstein, Sen Saxby Chambliss, etc.) - it is plainer than ever that both the Republican and Democrat parties are merely different faces of the same group of godless, authoritarian, banking-corporate-media elites. 

It is true that a good man will be sent to Washington City every now and then, but he is quickly denied any seat of real power if he chooses to defy the agenda of the behind-the-scenes Powers That Be.

So we cannot simply ‘vote the bums out’ and expect improvement.  We must be more creative and courageous.

Secession ought to be high on the list of considerations.  But even this would not solve the problem completely, for the money of the Elite would still be able to pervert the elections of a free Virginia or Kentucky or Texas, even as they pervert them today while parts of the amalgamated American Empire.  To effect the greatest possible separation between ourselves and the corrupt regime, we must reject democracy. 

Proudhon said of this form of government, ‘Money, always money, that is the nerve of democracy’ (quoted in Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn, Liberty or Equality: The Challenge of Our Time, Front Royal, Va.: Christendom Press, 1993, p. 157).  Since democracy severs the close ties that exist between men in hierarchical societies (Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America, Part Two, Book II, Chapter II, 'Of Individualism in Democratic Countries'), advertising becomes the chief way for a politician to get name recognition.  Thus, he who produces the most persuasive propaganda usually wins.  And it takes money to advertise.  Thus, if we merely secede without cutting off this conduit for Elite money, we will shortly find that the same cabal is selecting and/or influencing our rulers despite our new-found freedom.

Our hope lays not in a reformed democratic republic, not in the perfectly balanced mechanics of a paper constitution, but in our return to a society governed by tradition - longstanding, Christian tradition.  Here, virtue proved through the generations becomes the standard by which leaders are recognized and chosen to govern, rather than fame or wealth.  Here, connections to and reverence for the past keep us humble and remind us of our duty to our forefathers and to our distant descendants - which prevent us from riotously squandering the accumulated physical, mental, and spiritual inheritance of society on our own fleeting generation.  Here, the family name carries real meaning, contains memories of events and people that are celebrated year after year, and is deeply rooted in and identified with a particular place.  Here, the small farmer and small craftsman have an honored place.  Here, holiness is sought, rather than money and pleasure.  Here, the saints are celebrated.  Here, society is ordered for the salvation of man in God, and the Church and the State co-operate to this end.

This aristocratic-monarchic arrangement of society is much more natural and much better for the citizens than democracies.  Even in foreign affairs, as Hans-Herman Hoppe explains, democracies are destructive in ways unimaginable to hierarchical countries.

Be done, then, with notions of reforming the system, of returning to the Constitution.  In them lies certain trouble.  We must escape the present system, and, as Hoppe said, make the world ‘safe from democracy’.

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