Thursday, June 27, 2013

Nullification and Economic Growth

Colorado is ignoring the federal government's ban on hemp farming.  Hemp, unlike marijuana, cannot be smoked for halucinagenic effects, but it can be used to make many helpful products.  According to NaturalNews:

' . . . hemp is an amazingly robust industrial plant, the various components of which can be used in a variety of commercial and nutritional applications. Hemp seed oil, for instance, and hemp protein are popular, omega-3 fatty acid-rich food products consumed by millions of health-conscious individuals. Hemp fiber is also sometimes used to reinforce concrete and to fortify automobile bodies and frames. And beyond this, hemp naturally cleanses soil and water, which makes it a powerful force for good in the environment.'

Instead of importing hemp from other countries, now American businesses that need it can buy hemp from Colorado farmers, a win for both.

States and towns everywhere in this unfortunate union ought to take note.  If they are brave enough, as Colorado was, to defy unconstitutional regulations written by the federal government, from the USDA to OSHA, from bans on raw milk to bans on incandescent light bulbs to totalitarian control of the health care system, farms and businesses might stand a chance of being revitalized.

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