Saturday, June 8, 2013

Vermont vs the American Empire; and a Note on Loving Our Enemies

I.  Whenever most people think of secession, past or present, they usually think of the Southern States, but the first to withdraw from the corrupt Empire the Union has morphed into may just as likely come from the Northeast as the South.  The people of that State, after all, have begun minting their own silver coinage and running candidates for their governor and state legislature on a secession platform.

Now comes a book (released March 2013) explaining just what drives their renewed thirst for independence, for a Second Vermont Republic (the first existing from 1777-91): Most Likely To Secede: What the Vermont Independence Movement Can Teach Us about Reclaiming Community and Creating a Human Scale Vision for the 21st Century.

To be sure, this movement has a very large problem in not being overtly founded on a Christian foundation, which will likely cause trouble in days to come.  But it does offer a compelling alternative to Lincolnian corporatism/fascism, for it nevertheless retains some features of the Christian understanding of good communities (small scale, love for the creation, etc.).  Just the antidote we needed to Mr Lowry's Lincoln Unbound.

II.  If the South truly wants to be blessed by God and to move toward a brighter future, we must forgive the sins of those who did so much harm to our ancestors and our fatherland, grievous though they be (see, e.g., the teaching of Our Lord in St Matthew's Gospel 6:12).  We must never forget the lessons of the War of Northern Aggression, but now let us follow the example of Our Blessed Savior and forgive.  If we do not, we will not be held blameless, and our beloved Southland will not grow in holiness but putrify further in her sins of hatred, pride, anger, etc.

Therefore, let us pray - Lord, forgive the sins of  Pres Lincoln, Gen Sherman, Gen Sheridan, etc., and have mercy on their souls.  Save and have mercy on us sinners through their prayers.

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