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Ninja Gaiden Trilogy (NES) - Rebirth of the World in the Devil’s Image, Part 2nd

Continuing from last time:

There is also perhaps an interesting predictive programming moment, as most of the important action takes place in some ancient ruins in the Amazon River region, satellite photos of which (starting in 1999) have revealed that an ancient civilization of some sort really did exist there, although these games were made from about 1988-91:

One of the main enemies from Part II also deserves attention, Ashtar.  The name is a variant of Astarte, the same fertility goddess whom the Old Testament Jewish people were punished for worshipping, whose worship included human sacrifice (which makes an appearance in these games).  His appearance is even like hers (the horns):

More significantly, perhaps, is the connection with the supposed ‘alien being’ of the same name:

In 1952 Van Tassel himself claimed to receive messages via telepathic communication from an extraterrestrial and interdimensional being named "Ashtar".[1][2][3][5] This source became the "first metaphysical superstar of the flying saucer age".[3] Van Tassel also interpreted the Christian Bible in terms of extraterrestrial intervention in the evolution of the human race, and claimed that Jesus was a being from space. The Ministry of Universal Wisdom taught that all humans have the power to tap into the "Universal Mind of God", which facilitates evolutionary progress such as that exemplified by Jesus and Ashtar. Van Tassel also claimed that by accessing the Universal Mind he could receive messages not only from Ashtar but from humans who had died, such as Nikola Tesla. From Tesla he claimed to receive instructions to build the "Integratron" machine, which could extend lifespan and access knowledge from the past and future.[11][12] 

Part III includes some of these threads.  Foster, the CIA agent from Part I who wants the light and dark statues for himself, reappears and has been conducting research and is now creating super humans called ‘bio-noids’ using the energy from between dimensions that opened after Ryu defeated the demon in Part II.

Man:  I'm Clancy.  I've been working on the 'Biohazard' plan with Foster.  I
can't work with him anymore.  He has secretly created a monster called a
Ryu:  What's a BIO-NOID?
Clancy:  There's an open seam between dimensions that was created when the
Demon died.  An unlimited supply of LIFE ENERGY is flowing from the seam inside
the ruins of the fortress.  Foster has rebuilt the fortress and was doing
transformation experiments with life energy.  Bio-noids are super humans that
have been transformed with life energy.

This re-creation of fallen man into a ‘superman’ without God’s Grace, transhumanism, has been the dream of the satanic Elite for ages.  So here we get a look at the plan in fictional form.  Furthermore, we see the importance to them of bloodlines, which they consider to have magical powers:

Foster:  Well look who's here...It's Ryu.  Unfortunately, I'm going to have to
get rid of you.  Imagine the bio-noid I could make by blasting your tough
Dragon Clan body with life energy.
Instead I'll extract the secret of the Dragon Clan from your corpse, then I'll
make a superior bio-noid.  [as Double jumps in]  Let's get started!

Source:  Ibid.

Not being privy to pre-modern thinking, most of us don’t really understand the importance of bloodlines in the ancient world.  The ancient world was essentially a caste system, and many societies today, such as India still operate in this fashion.  Unless one is of a royal lineage of bloodline, one must accept a certain position within the strata of society.  Modernity is supposed to be egalitarian, but the class distinctions have merely been reorganized from lines of royalty to lines of wealth.  The Bible itself is concerned with bloodlines, since Jesus Christ is the promised seed, descended from Adam through Noah through Abraham through King David and his Mother from whom the Church professed He derived his humanity.  For the ancient world, bloodlines were thus everything. This is important, because the occult philosophy of the modern so-called rationalists still adhere to this ancient principle.  For the NWO occultists, there is “power in the blood,” as much as for the Christian, by which they mean magic power.  Thus, the top dynasty-families that run the world, like the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Morgans, Warburgs, etc., like the ancient royalties, all believe they must inter-marry in order to maintain bloodline purity.  Dan Brown’s silly DaVinci Code is a perfect example: while the book is certainly false, it evidences the occult world’s obsession with maintaining magical purity inherent in the family bloodlines.  In fact, some of these occultists believe themselves to be descendants of gods: an example of this is the Satanic philosophy of Nazism, by which Heinrich Himmler, through his SS, sought to breed a pure Aryan bloodline: a bloodline which had the power of the gods of Atlantis running through it, as Peter Levenda’s book Unholy Alliance: A History of Nazi Involvement with the Occult shows.

The in-game script is more revealing at this point than analysis of it, so here are some more bits from it:

Clancy:  Ha-ha-ha.  Right!  I really should thank you. [more rumbling]
The subspace connection to the life energy is starting to open and I have to
go now.  The life energy and the secrets of the ruins will be mine!  So long!

 . . .

Clancy:  These super-dimensional ruins are the foundation upon which a new
world will be created.  It's the new source of ALL LIFE!  The time has come.
See for yourself!
 . . . 
[Ship rises from ground, blows away some land with a laser]
Ryu:  !!
Clancy:  Now do you understand the power of this dimensional warship?!  The new
age is about to begin.  And you get to stay behind.
The embryo-like dimensional warship that is to be ‘the new source of ALL LIFE’,, 7 March 2017
 . . . 
Ryu:  Where is Clancy?  [as he sees a large monster] C-c-c-c-...You're Clancy!
Clancy:  Correct.  Look at this body full of super life power!  Listen
carefully, Ryu.  I want to protect the earth from humans.  Humans are weak and
disgusting little creatures who love to fight.  You know they should be wiped
out, don't you?  Ryu, join me!  I'll even let you bring a perfect human to
ride the ship with us.  Once the earth is cleansed of humans we can start a
new world!

Source:  Ibid.

A few things stand out.

The Clancy character of course reminds one of the late author Tom Clancy, whose books and films have made many wonder about his connections to the CIA:

Clancy’s final morphing into some kind of giant killing machine at the end may be a hint of the Skynet future the Elite have in mind to ‘liquidate’ the (as they see it) unnecessary, parisitic humans that are a blight upon the earth.

The sci-fi concept of multiple dimensions/universes continues to generate interest:

though this is just another way of destroying faith in the Holy Trinity, of trying to establish another scientistic pseudo-religion:

The image of a cave, where the major action of the games takes place, is very important.  It is in the cave, according to many traditional views of that symbol, that re-birth takes place (Rene Guenon, Fundamental Symbols, p. 140,  This is the whole of the Elite’s plan, the re-birth of the world in the image of the devil (whether by the chaos caused by demonic attack or the cold, heartless precision of modern technology).  So it is not insignificant that so much time in this series is spent in caves and caverns of the mountains, as this reveals the intentions of the Elite.

The answer to this plan offered at the end of the series is a weak, watery faith in mankind’s innate goodness.  Ryu and Irene (the other CIA officer in the series, who befriends Ryu, whose place in Greek mythology is that of a peacemaker,; thus she is the opposite of the war-like Foster - more dualism) offer these words:

Irene:  I'll never understand why people make and pursue evil plans until they
wind up dead.
Ryu:  Humans are always striving to achieve.
All of creatures on earth, in all worlds, can never be just a part of
someone's plans.  Fortunately, mankind is never foolish enough to wipe itself
out to achieve some ambitions.
Being with you like this, makes me want to thank all the living beings in this
world.  That's my one desire.  A new day is about to begin.
[Ryu and Irene stand as the sun rises]

Your faith in mankind ain’t enough.  From, 9 March 2017

But the only force strong enough to withstand and defeat evil in the world is the Orthodox Church, particularly when the Christian Empire ruled by a Christian king is manifest in the world.  This is why we would all do well to pray for the healing of Russia, that she would be able to take up again that mantle as leader and protector of the Christian world which she dropped in the Revolution of 1917-8, and to rid ourselves of every delusion about heretical America and Western Europe being the saviors of the world.


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð!

Anathema to the Union!

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