Friday, March 3, 2017

Slowing the Pace of Living, Part 2nd

Continuing from last time:

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To break experience in half and call one side physical 
and the other spiritual is narrowing and confusing. People 
do not live dependent on food. Ultimately, we cannot know 
what food is. It would be better if people stopped even 
thinking about food. Similarly, it would be well if people 
stopped troubling themselves about discovering the "true 
meaning of life,-" we can never know the answers to great 
spiritual questions, but it's all right not to understand. We 
have been born and are living on the earth to face directly 
the reality of living. 
Living is no more than the result of being born. 
Whatever it is people eat to live, whatever people think 
they must eat to live, is nothing more than something they 
have thought up. The world exists in such a way that if 
people will set aside their human will and be guided instead 
by nature there is no reason to expect to starve. 
Just to live here and now — this is the true basis of 
human life. When, a naive scientific knowledge becomes 
the basis of living, people come to live as if they are 
dependent only on starch, fats, and protein, and plants on 
nitrogen, phosphorous, and potash. 
And the scientists, no matter how much they 
investigate nature, no matter how far they research, they 
only come to realize in the end how perfect and mysterious 
nature really is. To believe that by research and invention 
humanity can create something better than nature is an 
illusion. I think that people are struggling for no other 
reason than to come to know what you might call the vast 
incomprehensibility of nature. 
So for the farmer in his work: serve nature and all is 
well. Farming used to be sacred work. When humanity fell 
away from this ideal, modern commercial agriculture rose. 
When the farmer began to grow crops to make money, he 
forgot the real principles of agriculture. 
Of course the merchant has a role to play in society, 
but glorification of merchant activities tends to draw people 
away from a recognition of the true source of life. Farming, 
as an occupation which is within nature, lies close to this 
source. Many farmers are unaware of nature even while 
living and working in natural surroundings, but it seems to 
me that farming offers many opportunities for greater 
"Whether autumn will bring wind or rain, I cannot 
know, but today I will be working in the fields." Those are 
the words of an old country song. They express the truth of 
farming as a way of life. No matter how the harvest will 
turn out, whether or not there will be enough food to eat, in 
simply sowing seed and caring tenderly for plants under 
nature's guidance there is joy.

Source:  The One-Straw Revolution,, opened 28 Feb. 2017

Since Fukuoka-san’s words strongly echo the life lived at typical Orthodox monasteries, we have included a few pictures from one, the Holy Dormition Dalmatovo Monastery in Western Siberia,, opened 3 March 2017:


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð!

Anathema to the Union!

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